Thursday, June 22, 2006

Behind the Counter's Greatest Hits collection

I would really like to give a big shout-out to Dawn and Drew. They mentioned this blog on one of their radio podcasts.

I kept wondering where all the traffic was coming from. I didn't figure it out until someone left a note in one of the comments that they heard it on Dawn and Drew. And apparently, I got posted to some Yahoo list as well. Thanks and welcome to my register. :)

In honor of (and to welcome) some of the new readers (and old), I though I'd put together a "Greatest hits" section with some of the "best of the worst" from Wal-Mart.

  • Shopping for Trixie
  • La Bamba
  • But I think I'm Paris Hilton
  • Airbeds for airheads
  • Black Sunday (and I was in a bad mood when I write this post!)
  • I want my prescription!
  • Nuns on the attack
  • The evils of human nature
  • Credit cards for dummies
  • Thursday, Bloody Thursday
  • How NOT to return a toilet plunger
  • One of my worst experiences ever!
  • The day the registers died
  • When crack whores attack

    matt said...

    i came from the d&d show too!

    dawn quote: "he's gonna be like: what the fuck! my stats!" and she was kinda right. hehe.

    Fourthwheel said...

    Have you ever thought of posting mp3s to turn this into a podcast? Each recording could just be you reading what it is you type here.

    I don't mind coming to the site and reading, but I could listen at work if it was a podcast while I can't get away as often to read blogs - which is why the only ones I read now are yours and others that you link too.

    Anywho, thanks for the greatest hits links. Love 'em.

    Rinda Elliott said...

    There are several of us who have blogged about this site, too. You're making the rounds in the writer world. (g)

    L said...

    Hey bbc,
    I was the one that posted you to my Yahoo list. I've been reading ya for a few weeks. There was an off topic discussion about the long lines at WalMart and it just happened to coincide w/your post about Sunday and the long lines. I thought it appropriate and shared your site and apparently others liked ya too!

    Keep posting - we have fun reading!

    Anonymous said...

    I also leaned about your blog from the Dawn and Drew show.

    Thanks for doing a "Greatest Hits" post! I have gone back to some of the early ones, but haven't had time to catch up...

    Anonymous said...

    YEP that's how I found your site also. LOVE the D&D show. Love your blog now too.

    Anonymous said...

    I'm from D&D too! I love this blog.