Friday, September 22, 2006

Greatest Hits (repeat episode)

Well, since the link off ...

In honor of (and to welcome) some of the new readers (and old), I though I'd rerun the "Greatest hits" post from early this summer with some of the "best of the worst" from Wal-Mart.

  • The old man and the wheelchair
  • Shopping for Trixie
  • La Bamba
  • But I think I'm Paris Hilton
  • Airbeds for airheads
  • Black Sunday (and I was in a bad mood when I write this post!)
  • I want my prescription!
  • Nuns on the attack
  • The evils of human nature
  • Credit cards for dummies
  • Thursday, Bloody Thursday
  • How NOT to return a toilet plunger
  • One of my worst experiences ever!
  • The day the registers died
  • When crack whores attack

    Amanda said...

    Hi I found your blog off of the consumerist. I too work at the service desk at Walmart so I completely feel your pain. You can get the most interesting customers at the service desk.

    CoderForChrist said...

    Hey. I found this blog through a link at I've added this to my subscriptions; it's great. I worked for a couple months as a cashier at a Kroger, and a number of my friends have worked either at Wally World or another department store. The general public is always a source of amusement (and frustration).

    Of course, being a software developer working for a company that contracts with the government yields some pretty funny stories, as well.

    I'll share a quick retail story you might appreciate. A friend that worked at Target once told me about a customer who had been looking at some DVD players. He walks up to said customer and asks if they could use any help. The customer says, "Yes," points at one of the DVD players, and asks, "Does this play DVD's?"

    joe to hell said...

    thank god for this compilation remix. funny shit. i',m linking it on

    Anonymous said...

    Omg the podium is exacly how you described it .. I recently putmy notice in at wal-mart but the time i have spent there have been exacly how you described. But enstead of a used plunger is was a used toilette seat