Sunday, October 23, 2005

Have you ever been cursed out by a nun? No? Read on

What can I say? It has been an absolutely hellacious two weeks, and now Wilma.

I cut back to just 20 hours a week at Wal-Mart, and even that hasn't been enough. I've had about five no-sleep days where I've worked double or triple shifts between my two jobs in the last two weeks, and I'm running on pure Starbucks-fueled caffeine right now.

And Wilma is right off our doorstep.

So you see, there was this nun Friday ...

Yes, a real nun. She didn't have a habit on, but she had a white shirt, the black skirt and a six inch cross with a splayed-out Jesus on it. And she had a problem. The girl at the register called me over. "She wants to speak with a manager." "Is there something I can help you with ma'am?" "Are you a manager?" "I can help you with just about anything ma'am." "I want a real manager." Whatever bitch.

I get the other girl I'm working with to take off her red vest and go up there. She gets sent packing too. We track down an assistant manager and send her into the breach. This is what she reports: The nun, THE FREAKING NUN, says that there are too many black girls and too many Spanish girls working here. Wal-Mart ought to hire more white people so she could get good help. Now, how Christian of her. I have really heard it all. All this while wearing a humongous cross.

Now who tries to RETURN a generator while a hurricane is coming?

I wonder how many people are going to return all those batteries and flashlights they bought this weekend?


FARfetched said...

Holy burning cross, Batman, a racist nun!

Hope you're doing OK, let us know as soon as you can (work permitting) how well you survive Wilma.

Captin Shmit said...

Have? Have what? Have not, want not? Have no fear? Have a nice day? Have some common sense?