Thursday, June 30, 2005

La la la la la bamba

Monday night, just before 11 p.m. and I'm desperate to go home. It has been a horrible night, punctuated by an argument over dead fish, complete with $100 of smelly scales shoved in my face. Yes, Wal-Mart will give you your money back on the fish. No, we will not replace YOUR fish in YOUR aquarium because you bought Wal-Mart fish and YOUR fish died. **sigh** Get a lawyer. Sue. Whatever.

Anyway. I'm trying to count down my change drawer. I look up and this guy from Instock is pointing and jabbering in Spanish. "Un momento," I say and look around for the closest person to really understand what he's trying to get across to me.

I can understand simple concepts and basic things in Spanish, and I can count back change, but I sure can't follow him, and he was animated and obviously overwrought. One of the cashiers comes over. She listens and then goes "A BOMB!"

OH MY JESUS. I'm like. "What is he talking about?" She ask him. He says there's a suitcase that's been over in the aisle by the shampoo for two hours and no one has picked it up. He says is has wires coming out of it. OH MY JESUS.

OKAY. Let's not panic her. I tell the girl to tell him to take me there so I can see this alleged "bomb."

Three guesses as to what it was. ... a pet carrier from the next aisle over in Pets. The "wires" were the carrying straps. Someone had taken it out of the packaging and then just shoved the plastic down next to it. If he'd had half a brain, he could have looked in the end and seen right through it, because it was mesh so the dog/cat could breathe.

Now, I'm all for taking down the capitalist regime, but would you really blow up the shampoo aisle? Why not start with electronics or something? Or hit the pharmacy. I don't think blasting Pert Plus all over the place is going to make much of a statement!

I tell him "por los perros y gatos" and smile. He goes off back to work. I count my money and leave. I think I'm going crazy.

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Perdita said...


I can see the poor guy thinking you want to bomb dogs and cats