Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Post-Labor day reflections

Holidays seem to bring about the absolute worst in human behaviour. Just because THEY'RE off for the day, they seem to revel in treating those of us who have to work at retail and service industry establishments even worse than normal.

Sunday was bad. Monday was beyond the pale. If you're ever in a Wal-Mart, notice where the registers are, and then there's an open space, and then the merchandise starts. Our lines backed up INTO THE MERCHANDISE.

We finally stripped the Service Desk of everyone except me, shut down Lawaway and chucked everyone else on a register, even managers. It still wasn't enough. And of course, I got all the evil people of human nature who though Labor Day night was the time to pull a fast one on Wal-Mart. To wit:

  • It is against the law to return certain medical supplies, like diabetes testing machines and the testing strips. I patiently explained this to a woman. Twice. It is not a Wal-Mart rule. IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO RE-SELL SOMETHING THAT CAN POSSIBLY TRASMIT BODILY FLUIDS. Her response: "But I didn't open it." That doesn't matter. It CANNOT, under any circumstances, be returned, by me, by the store manager, by Bill Clinton, by George Clinton, by God. She gets a manager. He tells her the same thing. So she fires back: "Are you the General Manager?" "He's not here today ma'am, but he's got the same master key I have, and if I can't return it, he can't return it." "Well, what can the pharmacist do?" "Ma'am, I'm above the pharmacist, and we can't take this back." She stomps off.

  • I don't care that you didn't read the instructions on the software before you bought it for you kid and your computer doesn't have the memory to run it. If you opened it, IT IS YOURS.

  • Just because you don't like that particular AC/DC disc, don't claim "it won't play." And when I do "get a manager" like you slapped your hand on the counter and demanded, don't literally shove me out of the way and say "I'll explain it to him" while you give me a nasty look.

  • If you bought a $200 vacuum cleaner last week, wouldn't you save the receipt. Don't think you can just trade it in for a new one with no box or nothing.

  • If you're sending someone money, know their REAL NAME, not their nickname. And don't tell me "Western Union let you do it with just a question." Somehow, I doubt it. One customer spent 45 minutes calling the entire populations of Virginia, Texas and Louisiana looking for this guy's real name.

  • Do not act offended when I open the box after you tell me "We didn't even open it." Nothing Wal-Mart sells comes with Scotch tape on it. YOU put it on there. At Christmas, people tried to return VCRs inside of DVD boxes, or BetaMax players as DVD players. I will be fired for your thievery. I like my job. The worst that will happen to you is that I will ask you to leave.

  • If you are rude to me while I'm at my job, I have no choice but to smile and take it. But Karma is a cruel mistress. Watch your backs.

    Perdita said...

    Maybe he is telling you to hypnotize the idiots.

    Anonymous said...

    I like your list of does and don'ts - informing people of what your job is like.
    I work a computer help desk and I often imagine giving classes on how to talk to the Help Desk.
    Like "The thingy on my screen doesn't work." is a no-go.
    The Word "thingy" should never be used when describing almost anything. lol
    Along with that class I would like to give a computers 101 class - Identifying things like Desktop, Wallpaper, Taskbar...
    ...and explain how programs are very similar. i.e. clicking File, Print works in Microsoft Word and, surprise, clicking File, Print works in Excel and PowerPoint and on the internet and e-mail... etc.

    Anyway, I can relate to your Christmas experience (though I think things are worst today - with people's attitudes, and I think Wal-mart attracts a certain lower class of people. I didn't say that all people that shop at Wal-mart are lower class. I shop at Wal-mart all the time. ...and I am middle class. :D ).
    I worked at Sears and it was Christmas. This is back when they had a Catalog counter. (I know, I'm dating myself. lol)
    This one woman, in the middle of all these other people, was shifting her weight from one foot to the other and with each shift she would let out a very heavy, very unhappy and impatient, sigh.
    Well, she stormed the desk in front of everyone else and demanded to see the manager.
    (In this case she meant; "Give me someone who will put me in front of all these people", who were all waiting more patiently than her.)
    It so happened that the manager had just left to take care of a security issue (i.e. someone was caught shop lifting.).
    We told her the manager was not available.
    She huffed two more times and threw her bag full of merchandise across the counter (it was only clothes but...) and it slammed against the wall between myself and a female co-worker.

    The thing, for me, that took a little edge off that situation is all the dirty looks the other customers gave her as she was leaving the store.

    Plummy said...

    Yeah, a year late but whatever.

    Western Union will let someone pick up money with a test question. It costs extra, but it's a way for them to transfer money if the recipient does not have any ID. And it's only good up to a certain amount, I believe. They care more about the sender than the recipient.

    Anonymous said...

    I just read you September 7th, post and I know how you feel. I work for Target and I do Guest Service. I know the crap you have to take from jerks who can call you names and make you feel like crap. And for what a stupid
    return. Though i have to admit the thing that gets me the worst is when they say they will be taking there business to walmart. No offence.