Wednesday, September 14, 2005

"You don't work here anymore."

Chilling words. Especially when they happen to be directed at you.

I went in to my real job, not the Wal-Mart job last Thursday, and someone else was sitting in my chair and the rest of my stuff was in a box. Turns out I'd been moved to a new building. The people whose office I'm not stuffed in (a plastic desk beside a wall is my new home) didn't even know I was coming until computer techs started carrying stuff in.

And some wiseacre decided to crack "You don't work here anymore." I said "Fine," and left.

I want to quit anyway. I just don't know that I can find a job with insurance this good anywhere else. Maybe I'll live at home for awhile or something.

I left work one night, and came back the next to find all my stuff gone. What kind of place is this?


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JuliePierce said...

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