Saturday, March 26, 2005

Straight up crazy people

It was crazy people day at the Wal-Mart. We had a crack whore, who came up in the store high and tried to buy a whole buggy full of stuff, plus an Easter basket and pay for it with a business card. Yes, she pulled a business card out of her wallet and then tried to give it to the cashier.

We had two girls come in with some boy. I'm sure they were on Spring Break. One had on a T-shirt and a skimpy bikini bottom. It was barely decent. The other had on a sarong wrap and a tight bikini top. I guess they only had one outfit between them! Anyway, some lecherous old man followed them around for a while. The one in the bikini bottom had some thunder-thighs though!

One of my co-workers asked her that the next time she come in, she please wear some more clothes, because it we do have young children in the store. The heifer later went to the Service Desk and accused of of "making a scene" and causing people to "stare at her." They were staring because you didn't have any clothes on bitch!

And some fool man tried to return a battery he bought in 1997. UM NO!

And this kid tried to claim that he bought a video game, took it out the car, opened it, then realized it didn't have the game inside. So he brought the empty case back in and wanted a new game. Uh, OK! Whatever. I don't actually know what they did with that one.

The only nice thing about Spring Break is all the lovely boys in town. ;) Easter weekend is going to be murder though. We ran a half-hour ahead on breaks/lunches all day though. That's what happens when competent people are in charge!


Anonymous said...

That video game thing has actually happend to me. I bought a game at target a couple of years ago, got home and opend the case to find no disc. I went back to the stop (with my receipt) and exchanged it for a new one. It's not unheard of is all I'm saying.

Anonymous said...

I've actually bought a video game from Wal-mart before; got home, opened it up and it had a bootleg copy of Mr. 3000 in it. Luckily the guy who helped us with the game and checked us out was still there by the time we got back.

Anonymous said...

the cd thing is pretty common, its happened to me twice. once with a Foo Fighters cd and once with a video game.

Anonymous said...

Worked in a Video store and that happened all the time, shoplifters open them up and leave the case.