Friday, June 23, 2006

Vendor refunds

Every now and again, one of the soda machines goes nutty. Something will get stuck and won't dispense. So we give a Vendor Refund out of our cash drawer. We write down which machine and the date, so the right amount of money is switched from the vendor's account to ours.

People are usually fairly honest about what they got or didn't get. If they get change, they say they lost 75 cents and so on. Every now and again, you get someone who is trying to run a game for a few shekels. I'm too mean-spirited to not call them on it.

I had one guy just off to the side filling out a MoneyGram. This other white trash dude comes up and slams two Sam's Choice waters on the counter. "That machine is broke. These waters is hot. I'd have done better comin' in here and gettin' water off the shelf. Woulda been cooler."

OK. You're a major dummy, but you still lost money. I get the details of which machine and then I ask "How much money did you loose?"

He goes: "One dollar."
I go: "Those are 35 cent drinks. Are you sure you didn't get any change back?"

He had the grace to stumble over the denial, but tried to cover it by accusing me of accusing him of theft. "I put a dollar in. I'm a customer and I got a hot drink." OK, but that doesn't prove anything. I hope you go to hell for that thirty cents.

I give him the most wrinkled dollar I have. He leaves.

The guy filling out the MoneyGram goes "Some people are so rude."

My thoughts exactly.

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customerserviceslave said...

hey bbcamerican,
i also work customer service at a retail store and ive worked there since i was about 14 and im now 21. my sister works there with me and we have always joked about writing a book on our customer service stories of insanity and calling it "the other side of the counter"...i stumbled across your blog page today and i guess you beat us to it. i think its hilarious and awesome that you have this page and i wish every person in the world could read it and some people could realize how stupid and irrational they really are! that being said, there are always the great ones that come along and make it all worth while. anyway, i love your stories and put your site in my favourites. its always entertaining to hear stories from our side of the counter, and its nice to know im not the only one completely baffled by the ignorance and audacity of some of the people inhabiting this world.
the customerserviceslave.