Saturday, December 09, 2006

Get a Dec. 11 copy of Business Week

Well, I owe my readers major props. A reporter from BusinessWeek magazine saw a link to the Thanksgiving Day post (where the woman returned the turkey) floating around the Internet, found my blog, was intrigued and asked to interview me.

So I'm on page 14 of the Dec. 11 issue of BusinessWeek, in the UpFront section, left-hand side, under the graphic of the turkey. The cover story is about Best Buy. Unfortunately, the online link is for magazine subscribers only.

I had to wait until late this week to get a copy at the ghetto Books-A-Million bookstore. The Barnes & Noble here is awful and I had to face an inquisition from the magazine woman. I mean really - I'm looking for a particular magazine - should I have to tell you why I want it? And no, The Economist and Business 2.0 'won't do.'

So welcome to all the new readers and here's the "Greatest hits" post from this summer with some of the "best of the worst" from Wal-Mart.

  • The old man and the wheelchair
  • Shopping for Trixie
  • La Bamba
  • But I think I'm Paris Hilton
  • Airbeds for airheads
  • Black Sunday (and I was in a bad mood when I write this post!)
  • I want my prescription!
  • Nuns on the attack
  • The evils of human nature
  • Credit cards for dummies
  • Thursday, Bloody Thursday
  • How NOT to return a toilet plunger
  • One of my worst experiences ever!
  • The day the registers died
  • When crack whores attack

    Kyla.S said...

    I just had to leave you a comment. You are a breath of fresh air. I too work at Walmart in Saskatoon,Saskatchewan Canada. Everything you talk about and the feelings you express are exactly how i see things in my store. I may have been naive to think i was the only one who saw our customers the way i do but i guess retail customers will always be the same no matter where in the world they are from. My enemy though is the fat white woman. They treat me like crap every time. I guess they feel threatened by women who are 500 pounds lighter then they are. That's my theory. But keep up the excellent work. Your blog is the first thing i check in the morning, epecially before work. It makes my day that much better. In case youre wondering, im a department manager for boys and girlswear.

    Gretchen said...

    Congrats on making the magazine!

    Carmen said...

    Congrats! That's so cool! And I agree with Kyla, retail customers are the same no matter where you live & where you work!

    Anonymous said...

    Ahh, your genius has not gone unnoticed!


    Anonymous said...

    Congratulations!! I am a Csm and of course work service desk often in Walmart in Tennessee-- you are a great representative and wonderful writer of what we go through-- I love your insights and it is very reassuring in a bizarre way to know that I am not the only one who deals with this kind of madness---

    FARfetched said...

    Definitely, congrats! You'll probably hit the "blogs of note" list before long and you'll be one of the A-listers.

    I was about to say, "I'm so jealous," until I remembered what you go through for this electronic fame...

    Jonathan said...

    Hey BBC,

    You know, that reporter might very well have seen your story thanks to a link at the The Writing on the Wal. I think you know our site. How about letting some of your fans interview you as well? We could do it via e-mail. Google "JR Monsterfodder" and you'll find my address on the first hit.



    Anonymous said...

    CONGRATS! However, I'm a bit concerned only because having this attention put on you COULD make trouble for you at work couldn't it? I mean, I know you don't totally trash Wal-mart, but you don't always put them in the nicest light and given the many issues they have in the media ANYWAY, I'd hate to see something happen to you or this blog.

    Are you at all concerned?

    Corwin Brence said...

    I stumbled upon this blog from who-knows-where (unfortunately, there's no way to figure out how one discovered a given website, only that they visited the site in the first place). I've always loved reading retail horror stories, and this ranks among the most enjoyable (right up there with Acts of Gord).

    Operator said...

    Congrats on making the magazine! Our evil plan continues... soon, bloggers will pervade all media. Nothing shall be published without our consent! And then we shall rule the world! BWAAHAHAHAA!!!

    Seriously though, well deserved. Keep up the good work.