Friday, February 16, 2007

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

People bring things in to the store that are either defective or that they don't want (or that they steal) and I give them their money back. That's the definition of "RETURNING" an item. But when did it become socially acceptable to "return" part of an item for a full refund?

I've written about this before. Remember the chicken, the beef fat and the Diet Cokes?

It just seems like the entitlement generation has taken over. But back to the story.

This woman comes up with a package of ice cream cones and says that she wants to return them because all the cones were damaged. No problem. Either the box was dropped of the shelf or treated roughly. It can happen. But then I open the box to see if all three packs were there and they aren't.

I ask her where the other package was and she goes "We ate them all." Hungry much?

I look down at the receipt and it's dated a day ago at around 6 p.m. Now, a package of these cones has at least a dozen in there, so either there was a LOT of ice cream eating going on, or they needed these for a party and are returning what's left - MINUS WHAT WAS CONSUMED! When did it get to be OK to use half and return the rest? When? When did America become a "rental" society?

So I look at the receipt, look at the box, and decide to try to embarass her. "Ma'am - you ate them all in one day? And one whole thing of cones was fine and these other two are pretty much unusable? That's what you're telling me?"

With a straight face, she nods. No shame at all. Obviously, this $1.76 is worth her soul burning in hell.

What can I do? She's got a receipt. I start pressing buttons and give her the money back. And I defect out the 2/3 of a package of ice cream cones.

Lying cow. I hope the next mint chocolate chip double scoop she slurps down chokes her.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe people like this exist this is horrible

Anonymous said...

Should have given her a refund minus the value of those already eaten.

Anonymous said...

There was a time when your blog was funny, but lately the tone has become increasingly bitter. The biggest change is that the stories used to be about the silly incident, but now they are focusing on your feelings, complete with vicious name-calling.

I think this job is really beginning to take its toll on you.

Oh - and the "I hope {bad thing happens}" endings just don't really add anything to your story. They just make the story seem more bitter.

Anonymous said...

My Dear, give them a break. I know that there are people out there are stupid and try to give you hell for something that is not your fault. We all have had jobs that suck. But give credit, at least they can One: Put up with this type of shit, and Two: it is their blog. If they want to vent let them, venting here is better than loosing a job.
For the writer of this blog I say Thank you for putting up with some of the shit that you do and trying to keep the world of Wal-Mart kinda running smoothly.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the other anonymous poster before me. Your tone has changed quite a lot from being entertaining to more mean-spirited. It's a real shame.

Library Rat said...

They should issue you with a forehead-sized rubber stamp to mark all these people "DUMBASS" in a permanent (possibly scarring) ink, before giving them anything.

grundes said...

Well, eating $1.76/pack ice cream is a punishment in itself...

chunes said...

I was talking to one of my assistant managers a few days ago. We were talking about all the stores he's been in, and he was talking about how people are really bold here (I live in the northwest). He said that if anyone tried this kind of stuff in Oklahoma, they'd get the stuffing knocked out of them by somebody.

Then I brought up the fact that Florida's pretty bad and he said "Well, Florida's a WHOLE different ballgame."

I really feel sorry for you. Go anywhere else in the country and I'm sure your job would be a lot easier.

Anonymous said...

"Oh - and the "I hope {bad thing happens}" endings just don't really add anything to your story. They just make the story seem more bitter."

I agree. Im a cashier at WM and regularly read your blog. While I laugh at the stories because I see a million similar ones a day, lately the hateful tone is really turning me off. Postal much. Take a vacation.

MavenofMoxie said...

I like the 'tone', it's HILARIOUS, don't listen to the waaaaahambulance callers. BOO FREAKIN' HOO! I love a snarky attitude, it's funny. I know I'd sure as hell think and say A LOT worse.

yellowdog granny said...

if I had your job I would be mainlining right at the counter..

Anonymous said...

Well, I think it OK for you to hate nearly everyone you see and wish them to rot in hell, and it is OK because you choose to work there and you are being honest about your hatred. and I think the name calling is vicious, but you are being honest again, you feel bitter and vicious. Horrible people do exist, and they all seem to be attracted to you due to your position...customer service.


BitterEmployee said...

I disagree with the haters. It's your blog, do what you want. You want to be bitter? Be bitter! Everyone needs to vent, and I agree with you.

I once had a woman return an alomost empty container of diet pills saying they didn't work. Yeah.

Or returning a costume AFTER Halloween because "it didn't fit."

Some people need a slap upside the head.

Ryan said...

I'm all up for mean-spirited snark, and/or casual humor.

I suppose if I didn't like your blog - I probably wouldn't post an anonymous hate comment. I just wouldn't come back.

I came back.

It's your blog. If people don't like it, why do they insist on coming back here and posting nasty annonymous comments?

It's very easy to gather IP addresses from your visitors. I would find out who is registering them and have some real fun. Just make sure you post a privacy policy before you go crazy.

I also like the permanent rubber stamp idea too...

Anonymous said...

I am always suprrised when I see an intelligent person working with the general public who isn't bitter.

Patience. of. Buddha, I say.

team gingerbread said...

@anon 6pm

So true