Friday, April 28, 2006

Diet Coke for Dummies

This woman comes up Sunday. She's got two can of Diet Coke with the tops and bottoms popped out, like when you either drop them or leave the cans in the car on a hot day.

I thought maybe she got them out of the machine that way and asked if she wanted a vendor refund. She snapped "No. These came out of a case. I want my money back."

OK. If the case had been dropped and put back on the shelf, we would refund the case. And she has a receipt for two 12-packs of Diet Coke.

"Where are the other cans from the 12-pack ma'am?" Then she tells me that they're at home. And she wants the money back on BOTH cases of Diet Coke "because the cans were busted."

Now, she could have dropped the case. Or left it in the car. I told her I couldn't give her the money back without the rest of the cans that make up those two twelve-packs of Diet Coke. You can't return ONE can and get credit for returning TWELVE cans.

She gets all mad, slaps the counter (my favorite move) and demands to "talk to a manager."

And sure enough, some candy-a** gives her $7.36 back. So she got 22 cans of Diet Coke for free — and I bet she'll try to pull that stunt again.

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Anonymous said...

DAMN what an ingenious way to feed your "coke" habit.