Sunday, April 30, 2006

This just wasn't my color

I don't know when it because socially acceptable to return used makeup — maybe it is just the class of shopper that Wal-Mart draws. To me, it just screams "low breeding" to buy a personal product, take it home, use it, decide you don't like it and then return it.

I'm not talking clothes or shoes or sheets or pillows - the things people buy and then return because they don't fit or are the wrong color. I'm talking MAKEUP.

Just today I had to give a woman back $9 on a bottle of something because "it wasn't my color." It was her color for her to have used at least 1/4 of the bottle!

And I always ask "Did you use this?" I just want to know if we can sell it again. If your lips touched that lipstick, we CANNOT SELL IT TO ANOTHER HUMAN BEING! I don't care if you did - you'll get the money back. And they all lie like cheap toupees when they go "I never opened it." Then why are the plastic seals gone? Why does the blush and foundation pad have color on it? WHY ARE YOU SUCH A COW?

If you want to test out makeup, GO TO A REAL DEPARTMENT STORE. There, a trained cosmetics professional will help you find "the perfect shade." They will also allow you to test the stuff to your heart's content. Heck, they may even help you look less like the rear end of a donkey. Department stores charge more for a better product and better service.

If you want cheap makeup, come to Wal-Mart. But don't play "Mommy Dress-Up" at home and then return the stuff when your experiment is over. It is just plain tacky.


QUEENEY63 said...

I too work at Hell-Mart...customer service desk former CSM. I was demoted down to customer service because I gave an old lady $20 out of my till because she was stranded at the store for hours and hours. I accounted for the cash *TWICE*....not thinking Sam Walton would have cared about $20 to help an old lady. What a mistake to have interfered with Hell-Marts multi-billion dollar profits.
So now the customer service desk is my home and let me say what an adventure that is and I empathize with you on both CSM and C-Desk.
I could write a book about both happenings with customers and evil Walmart practices! Keep up the good blog...I am bookmarking this one!

Anonymous said...

I want to return makeup to WalMart and let me tell you why. Cosmetics have become more expensive and poorer in quality. It's impossible to tell what you are buying and if you will be able to use it because the product changes constantly. I can't affort to pay 3 or 4 times as much for cosmetics at a department store, and neither can you, if you work at WalMart. But at least I expect a minimum of quality. I purchased brown eye shadow that said "matte" on the cover, but after taking it home, it was as shiny and glittery as Halloween costume makeup. It cannot be worn to work! Cover girl has a test color sheet to hold against your skin to pick a foundation color, but after taking it home, it was white and chalky on my skin. Yes, even if I paid less, I want my money back!

The dykes next door said...

And I'd like to add that even WalMart makeup is not that cheap! If you pay $12 for foundation that isn't the color that it claims it is, that's $12 out of your pocket for makeup that you cannot use. If I made more money, I would never go into a WalMart again, but as a teacher, that's all I can afford.