Tuesday, May 02, 2006

These peas didn't fit

Some woman returned three cans of peas Sunday night.

I am still amazed that people will take the time and effort to return a can of beans that cost less than a dollar (TOTAL) rather than donate it to a food drive, homeless shelter or charity. The post office will even pick up the stuff from your mail box!

She had a whole bag of stuff and four receipts. Two sweaters, some throw pillows, a cat collar. Picture frames and sewing notions. All the receipts were within 90 days. Either she didn't get out much or she was a shopaholic with a Wal-Mart fetish.

Still. Returning three cans of peas?

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di said...

I do that most of those people who return stuff like canned peas and other little crap do have a shopping disorder. Something that drives me nuts is people who buy those little novelty things like 'Dryer Balls', wooden wiggly snake, pencils, and bubbles then put it on Discover then have pangs of guilt and return it all next week. hmm? I had a guy return two jars of wheat germ the other day. Said he didn't know why he bought it in the first place. (?!)