Wednesday, May 03, 2006

On the other side of the counter

Once you've worked in the service industry, you ALWAYS notice how you're treated as a customer - and you know exactly what the person waiting on you is doing wrong.

I had to get a key made today and decided to go to the nice (read expensive) hardware store downtown that is known for excellent service and in-general all-around "do it better" than big-box chain store retail.

I had a manager help me at the key counter because he was the first person to see me. That was nice. No pages for "xxx, return to the counter."

However, at the register, it was another story. The cashier never greeted me, never once looked at me and carried on an animated conversation with the bag boy AND the girl two registers over the ENTIRE time. I felt like I was actually in the way of her social life. And she didn't even offer me a bag. She sort of flung the key and the receipt at me and then turned back to the bag boy and kept on yakking.

I don't know what she was thinking. Her name was on the receipt. Should I call and have someone speak to her? I really did feel like I was more or less an impediment to her conversation, not a valued customer. And I've heard customers at my store RAVE about the service at this store, no less. Advice from the digital hordes?


Drew said...

Without customer feedback, how will she ever get better?

FARfetched said...

Yeah, I think that was over the top. When you're on the clock, you're on the clock — if there's a customer to be served, the conversation should pause.

Anonymous said...

I up and tell them about went there for service and she is not doing her job.

Di said...

I think the reason stuff like the cashier talking too much to the other employees has to do with boredom. They might not have had too many customers that day and got a little comfy with the situation. Hardly happens much at Walmart as you know. Those customer's regardless of how busy it isn't get offended, rush up to the counter and butt in even if you just turn to ask the CSM for register tape. But really yelling over two registers is a bit much I agree. Oh well, If you go there again try and charm her with your best smile and say hi first. Couldn't hurt.
By the way, I just love this blog. A few of us at our Walmart store are reading this and have made the comment that any of us could have written this stuff too. Just goes to show you that stuff is the same everywhere. I'm at a store in SW PA.

Anonymous said...

I think you should ask the management of this hardware store to read your blog with its endless stories of ungrateful, difficult, nitpicking customers, and then bitch about the customer service you received at their checkout.


Tyler said...

That is crappy customer service, but you've said it yourself- these kids are getting paid $5-$7 an hour and probably get as annoyed with their jobs as you do with yours. That wage isn't going to buy the best customer service out there. Retail is retail.