Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Strange days in Layaway

Part of the fun Sunday was an extended spell in Layaway.

I can understand people putting televisions and DVD players on Layaway. I can even understand putting small appliances on layaway, especially if you're waiting on a few paychecks to pay the stuff off.

We even have quite a few people doing bathrooms put a full bathroom set on layaway, usually because Wal-Mart sells all that coordinated bathroom junk. It's not for me, but if it floats your boat ...

And clothes. People put all sorts of clothes on layaway. Especially for kids. I had two layaways Sunday where women put more than $250 EACH of clothes on layaway for their kids. And this is Wal-Mart kids clothes. Imagine if they were shopping at the GAP?

And then sometimes you get the downright strange:

One customer obviously can't get credit, because they put a whole cartload of kitchen stuff on layaway. And by kitchen stuff, I mean a TRASH CAN, yes, a trash can, paper towel holder, knives, magnets, a dish drainer, etc. And to top all that off TWO SHOWER CURTAIN RODS. But no shower curtains. It was without a doubt the strangest thing I'd ever seen. At least for the next 30 minutes.

Thirty minutes after Trash Can Layaway left, this hefty girl rolled up. With two men in tow. She produces a SMALL bikini top and bottom and asks to put them on layaway.

She instructs one of the men to put the layaway down under his name. The other one gives him five dollars for the down payment. I never.

I hate to tell her, no diet in the world, short of death, heroin or cocaine is going to drop the weight off in sixty days!

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FARfetched said...

About the bikini thing: Hope springs eternal, right? It could have been something done on a bet, though.

In the end, layaway is so much better than credit, especially when you're truly poor. I don't even want to think of how much we've racked up on credit cards. Thank God we got a huge tax refund this year & can bust of few of them out (we're going to cut them up and send the pieces back as we pay 'em off).