Sunday, March 12, 2006

The fat of the land

I could also call this post "returning half of something for full price." Maybe I just had more people Sunday, but the stupidity was out in FULL effect. Let me give you a rundown.

  • This woman comes in with a bag, says "I bought this beef, here's my receipt." I open the bag, and there is maybe a hamburger-size patty. It's frozen, so I don't really know what it is, YET! I look at the receipt, and she paid for $15.61 worth of beef. Now I'm thinking, WTF. So I ask her "Where's the rest of the meat?" She goes "That's just the fat that I cut off. We ate the rest." Sister-girl wants a refund for the FAT! I look at her. She looks at me. I look at her. And then I'm like "now we usually require the actual MERCHANDISE in order to give you a refund." The outcome: Manager gives her store credit.

  • Man comes in with a portable personal fan. Says it doesn't work and wants to return it. I've got no problem with that. Then he wants to return the batteries. They're on the receipt too. I've got no problem with that either - SO FAR. I'm taking the batteries out, then I realize that he bought an eight-pack - and he only had six in the fan. I inform him of his problem. This was his reply: "So give me credit for 6 then." Um, no. He was very hot when I wouldn't do a 75% refund on those eight batteries.

  • This woman comes up with something from electronics, a cable or something. I do the refund. Then she goes "I wonder if there is something else you could help me with." She tells me how these tomatoes she bought were bad, AS WELL AS these clementines (a tropical fruit). All told, the produce was another $9 and change. The date on the receipt is Feb. 23. I tell her that this once I can give here store credit, but that we do normally require the actual merchandise in order to give a refund. You know what she tells me? "I've never had any other store tell me that." Yeah, I bet every Piggly Wiggly unfortunate enough to have your business just let you swan in, go "These tomatoes I bought last week were bad, so I threw them out." then magic you up a refund. Yeah. I bet that happened a lot. I give her one of THOSE looks, and then go, "Well, THIS store does require merchandise ma'am."

    Drew said...

    Wow. I'm going to start returning empty beer cans, toilet paper tubes, banana peels, and cut flowers after they wilt. Think they'll give me a refund?

    I like Wal-Mart's prices, but they get some of humanity's most undignified trash walking through their doors.

    Tyler said...

    I'm going to do the same. I'll bring back empty boxes and packaging and say I didn't use that part.