Sunday, March 12, 2006

A new record

I shattered my Christmas Eve record Sunday. I had 250 customers. Personally, I thought that the 209 record would stand for all time. I was wrong, wrong and more wrong.

This is how bad Sunday was. I came in at 9 a.m. There were only two of us at the Service Desk all day. When the 7 a.m. girl went to lunch, I was alone. When she left at 4 p.m., I was alone until 9 p.m. (she had to, because she can't get overtime, I can because I'm part-time and it is not overtime). For those of us doing the math, that was a 12-hour shift. I really hated Wal-Mart Sunday night. I returned more than $5,000 in merchandise, shifted more than $7,000 in cash back and forth and had to take out $4,100 in loans from the Cash Office, the most ever for a non-payday day for me.

It was hellacious, made worse by some of the most evil customers this side of Satan. Well, some of them could give Satan a run for their money.

  • The man who complained that the people in the bakery and deli don't use a number system. They just help whoever is at the front of the line. Well, if you're so offended, why don't you GET AT THE FRONT OF THE LINE? I've never understood why people get so angry as to complain, but not so angry as to actually DO anything about what made them angry in the first place.

  • The woman who "fell" in a spot of orange juice her daughter spilled on the floor - then wanted an accident form to fill out. I went around the counter to wipe it up, then the little witch (the daughter) kept going "There's more over here. There's more over here." I still fail to see how this is the store's fault exactly. But anyway.

  • This old woman returned at least 25 picture frames. She had four receipts with her. Not one frame was on any of those receipts. And one of the frames was from K-Mart. She kept picking up receipts and saying "What about this one, what about this one." I kept shooting her down. This woman behind her in line smothered a laugh when I told her "You can get store credit, or you can take them home and look for the receipts."

  • The woman who tries to skip the long lines at the registers and get check out at Customer Service. I'm happy to ring someone out. I'm even happier if you help me bag. This cow wouldn't move. And I always warn people that we don't have a scale - so no apples, oranges, bananas, anything like that. So she holds up grapes and goes - "This looks like a pound. Can I just pay a dollar." NO WITCH!
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    hateful geek said...

    I do tier one computer support (over the phone), so I know a little about dealing with people that don't want to play by the rules. At least the people I have to support get screened first. I only talk to people that can get a job with our company, and I still can't stand the stuff they pull on me. If I had to deal with the unwashed masses face to face, I'd wind up in jail. My "but they really really deserved it" defense probably doesn't carry any legal weight.