Thursday, January 04, 2007

More check drama

More check drama this weekend.

Three white-trash idiot types tried to cash a hand-written payroll check late Saturday night. I told them no. They got extremely upset and claimed that they cashed it here "every two weeks."

Yeah. And I'm going to marry Prince William and inherit the throne of England.

So we start arguing and finally a manager comes up. He's really mad that I had to call him and the white trash demands to know my name and his name. And White Trash goes "I'm going to have your job."

I've got to give the manager credit for this one. He goes "We don't cash handwritten payroll checks. Here is the number for the district office. You can also call 1-800-WAL-MART. My name is XXXXXXXX. This discussion is over."

There's a reason we don't do that. I've talked about it here, but there is another reason. Fraud. Plain and simple.

We were recently notified of two variations on a check-kiting scam using PAYROLL checks from two local businesses.

One was perpetrated by employees of a local gas station, who had stolen a sheet of blank payroll checks from the office, and were simply filling in the checks by hand and trying to cash them all over town at retailers so that they could get instant cash and then go buy merchandise. If a retailer cashed the check, they would then go on a shopping spree.

Another was where multiple sheets of payroll checks were stolen from one office and then filled out using an inkjet printer. When these checks were submitted for payment, they were returned because whoever signed it wasn't an on-file signature for the company. Apparently every Wal-Mart in two counties has been hit for more than $6,000 from this one as it was an organized team that has been at work for about three weeks and it has taken that long for the first checks to come back from the clearinghouse.

But really, back to the white trash trying to cash a handwritten check. If you make a manager come up to talk to you when they're already pissed off, they're not going to be in the best mood. So really think the next time you "demand" a manager.


Anonymous said...


I just finished reading most of your entries - and I just want to say keep it up! Your writing is superb, and I can understand where you're coming from having worked retail since I was 16.

Best to you

TheHopelessMoof said...

I love love love your blog! It really makes me feel better about my retail job! I work in a high end store and my customers are just as ghetto as yours!

Anonymous said...

Those white trash customers are the worst to deal with. Every time I see them walking up to the counter, I think to myself, "What in the world does this hillbilly want?"

Anonymous said...

You all must be black?! LOL!!

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