Thursday, March 30, 2006

Check it out

We seem to have more problems with cashing checks than anything else. People seem to think that because Wal-Mart offers its customers the courtesy of cashing their payroll checks, we will cash ANY check. Umm, NO.

I had a man last weekend pull out an already-made-out check for $60 and ask if he could cash it. No.

This one slatternly woman with three bratty and loud kids who were into EVERYTHING at customer service and kept kicking a stray soccer ball around demanded to know why I couldn't cash her checks. Now, we only cash PAYROLL checks if EVERYTHING on the check is printed except the signature.

Think about this for a minute. This usually means that the company issuing the check is large enough to have an accounting office and is therefore stable enough and HAS MONEY IN THE BANK TO MEET PAYROLL. This slattern had two crumpled personal checks with "payroll for March 18-25" written in the Memo area. In a different color ink.

Now, I don't doubt that these might have been her payroll checks. When I was in high school, I did work for several people who paid me that way. However, Wal-Mart cannot and does not cash those checks. The reason being is that once we cash them, the payee has the money while the store might possibly have nothing more than a worthless piece of paper.

I feel bad for you. However, get a checking account at a bank that's open on Saturdays. There are at least three in the community. Deal with it. Don't take it out on me. And give your heathen children a bath and smack some sense into them.

Also, if a company we cash a check for ever DOESN'T make payroll, we NEVER cash another check for them. EVER. I've had that happen. And people are not happy when that happens. Don't blame me. It is not MY personal money. I don't care one way or the other.

You're the one working for someone who can't meet their financial obligations. You're the one who can't get a checking account because you're ex-wife will have the wages garnished. Me, I have direct deposit and I work for a billion-dollar evil corporation that has NO problem making payroll. Deal with it.


eRobin said...

I love your blog.

teh l4m3 said...

'EY! How come y'all don't carry black wranglers no more? Elitists!!!

oldfatherwilliam said...

about 20% of the retail public shold be shot and fed to pigs.

Bins said...

When and if I ever make it to America I shall shun all the usual tourist spots and just camp out in Walmart for a few months!

This is real life in the Western World!

Anonymous said...

oldfatherwilliam, having worked in retail, if I knew that the retail public were being fed to pigs, I would never eat pork again.

Anonymous said...

But, you still work at wal-mart.

Don't get too proud of yourself.

All that blah-blah-blah. And you go to work wearing a smiley faced pin on your lazer blue nylon vest.