Sunday, June 17, 2007

More stupid customers

Chalk this one up to customer stupidity. Or customer clueless. Whatever. What follows is a conversation I had with a woman Sunday afternoon.

I'm doing a return on a ugly Wal-Mart Metro 7 shirt for her and she doesn't have her receipt. I go to hand her back her drivers license and her shop card.

ME: "All right ma'am. You've got $15.38 on this blue card here. You can spend that at any Wal-Mart or at a Sam's Club."
CLUELESS COW: "Oh, I didn't know Sam's Club was hooked up with Wal-Mart."
ME: "Umm. Yeah. It was named after Sam Walton, the guy that started Wal-Mart."
CLUELESS: "I'll just have to start going there."
ME: **sigh**

Obviously, Wal-Mart's advertising/PR blitz has missed a customer or two somewhere. Do I get points for discovering this one?

I also got into dangerous territory arguing with a rather stupid woman from somewhere in Indiana who claimed that she forgot two bottles of wine at Register 15 last night. I asked her "You paid $18 for these and you just 'forgot' to pick them up?"

Her response? "We were tired. We just got off the plane. Why don't the cashiers do a better job? Back in Fort Wayne they are so nice." But the fact remains that you are the dingle who paid $20 for merchandise and walked out of the store without it. Stay in Fort Wayne then!

I told her "Ma'am, I'm not trying to be rude, but they make about $8 an hour and stand on their feet all day. Would you care?" She puzzles it out and shuts up.

I've said it before. If you want low prices, come to Wal-Mart. If you want good service, go anywhere else. Wal-Mart isn't going to change UNTIL YOU DO!


x____AComfortableLiar said...

I agree!! Great Service = Not Wal Mart. I had one lady forget a bag and yelled at me "It's the second time the cashier forgot my bag!!" im thinking Well, thats why most let you put your stuff in the cart with your stuff so no one is to blame but yourself! I also hate when they spin it around like 10 times. I Just told you that was all. Dont you remember what was last on the darn belt? Obviously there isn't anything on my side or I would have given it to you already.

Anonymous said...

two birds with one stone: i was also not aware of this sams club walmart conspiracy.

FARfetched said...

I still think those carousels are designed to help customers "forget" merchandise. If you can restock it and sell it twice, the margins are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

My local Walmart has one of those carousels for your bagged merchandise. it's impossible to know if you've picked everything up unless you perform an inventory of every item against your receipt before leaving. I've left stuff before simply because the checker didn't hand it to me from her side of the carousel.

Anonymous said...

O my...It can happen anywhere folks. I have almost left things behind at Target... Sam's...Costco...but ultimately I know I am responsible. What has happened in our society, that we know longer take responsiblity for our actions. Life is too short to blame others and to be so miserable all of the time. Karma...fabulous word.

Anonymous said...

anonymous #1
Conspiracy??? you must shop at walmart too much. I'm sorry but, contrary to popular belief, walmart is not the antichrist

your username appropriately describes your theory. Again, walmart is not the antichrist

anonymous #2
finally some sense. One time around let's ME (yes me not the cashier) know that I have all of MY stuff

Jessica said...

Wal-Mart may not be the anti-christ, but I still wouldn't put it past them to do well... ANYTHING. They're cheap, economical bullies who treat their employees like shit, do everything they can to prevent their empoyees from unionizing (which, in Ohio at least is against the law) and don't give a crap about anything but profits. They tout 'high quality' while making it not-so-subtly clear that they are catering to the lowest common denominator. Oh and they do all this while their higher ups are lviing the good life and make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Anti-christ? No. Of course not. But that doesn't make them a good company, far from it. It's like Behind the Counter Always says... thing wont change until people do. Which will never happen because thanks to a large piling up of circumstances, a lot of the American public simply and literally cannot afford to shop anywhere else, and therefor the beast (whether evil or not) will continue to be fed.

Tenacitus said...

"Back in Fort Wayne they are so nice."
No. "They" aren't. Which is obvious from this customer's attitude and ignorance. Of course there is always the possibility that she's been in my store, in which case she was too stupid to distinguish nice and helpful from a hefty dose of sarcasm. And thus the reason for my own little time out chair in the blogosphere.
My apologies...

Anonymous said...

I am sure the cashiers in the Ft. Wayne WalMart are nicer than the ones in Flordia. Been to both places and Ft. Wayne wins each time.

As for busting on a customer for leaving behind a bag, it happens and is not always the customer's fault. The other day I was buying cards and household supplies. The cashier thought she put the cards in my bad, but lo-and-behold, she missed. When I went back to the store there they were on the floor beside the carousel, dirty and stepped upon.

Cyndi said...

Hilarious. I'm from a tad south of Ft. Wayne and don't know what they pay their cashiers, but they start at a whopping $5.50 in my town.

My father works for the Wal and I empathize with you. They are the devil.

Anonymous said... all need lives...

Mike said...

you are a tool