Thursday, June 28, 2007

Coffee, tea and stupidty

Hi ya'll. Now, raise your hand if you know what a tea pitcher looks like. Or maybe you use it as a water pitcher. Or a lemonade pitcher. Anyway. Wal-Mart sells a $3.48 plastic version with a little blue hinged closure on top that snaps over the spout. It's not the most secure thing.

OK. So this woman comes up Sunday morning with a tea pitcher, sans toggle closure.

Her story is just a perfect example of why Wal-Mart is never going to be able to "upscale." Chiefly, their customers and a lot of their employees are as dumb as rocks.

She tells me she bought the pitcher and when she was checking out, she noticed the little blue toggle lid for the pour spout in the buggy. Even after seeing about 400 of the pitchers (complete with lids) over in housewares, she DID NOT REALIZE said lid went with said pitcher and gave it to the cashier and told the girl she didn't want whatever this was.

Ooooookaaaay. She comes back in today realizing her mistake. She doesn't like the pitcher anyway because it doesn't hold enough of whatever for her grandkids. DON'T DRINK THE KOOL-AID!

She tells me the whole story and ends up "The little thing, it is out there on one of the cashier stands. You just need to go get it and you can sell this."

I look at the date on her receipt.

Two weeks ago. We got employees that don't last two weeks!


Buttons. PS MERCH RETURN. Scan. Defective. Cash. "Signherepleasethankyouhaveaniceday."


Erin Bradley said...

awww.... come on now. this lady doesn't sound so bad.

haven't you ever been sleep-deprived or really distracted and just not put two-and-two together?

there are times when i've forgetten:

-my address

-my phone number

-the word for the device you put clothes in to get them clean (washing machine, duh!)

-how to spell simple words like "it" and "about" - all of a sudden the spelling looks all weird and wrong for no reason

-names of close family members

-name of my cat

-etc. etc.

her suggestion to go find the other piece and sell it again, although idiotic, makes her a little nicer than the other mouth-breathers. seems like she sincerely feels bad and wants the item to be re-used.

in closing, i like the Kool-Aid man. i like it when he comes running through the brick wall. it pleases me.

jabes said...

Too bad there isn't a "defective customer" category in your return system, instead of defective product!

WhoKnew said...

honestly, she (and the world) will be happier with one less of those things...those pitchers are horrible...I returned mine and bought a Rubbermaid one...

DolfanDad said...

"in closing, i like the Kool-Aid man. i like it when he comes running through the brick wall. it pleases me."

That is the best laugh I've had all day!! I totally forgot about those commercials!

Anonymous said...

The pitchers are crap, I bought one last summer. (I got what I paid for, so it's ok.)

Do you know you use the word, 'got' incorrectly with some frequency? You've done it the last two posts, is it intentional? I'm sorry, there's something about people using, 'got' and 'broke' (when it should be 'have' and 'broken') that just drives me up the wall, like nails on a chalkboard.