Friday, March 30, 2007

Gun shy

I'm all about the Constitution, including the Second Amendment. If you know and understand firearms and want to keep a closet full of guns, go right ahead. Get a license, gun locks and don't let your kids near them unless it is to teach them to respect firearms. But this isn't about gun control - which is a much messier subject.

The lines at the registers had really backed up Sunday afternoon, and all my help had gotten pulled from Customer Service, so this one woman and her kid were checking out at the Service Desk.

The kid, who was like 10, had an air pistol, some air pellets and a target. The kid and the mom were arguing over whether he needed the target and she asked me to scan it to see how much it was.

I scan the target and it came up $7.86. It was the next part of the conversation that got VEERRRRY interesting. Read down just a little.

ME: "The target is $7.86 ma'am. Do you want it?"
HER: "I don't know. Billy, do you want the target?" Nods his head.
HER (to me): "Will the pellets stick to the target?"
ME: "Ummmm...." looking at package "Okay, yes. They hit and slide down into the tray. It says it is supposed to work with the brand you're getting. Save your receipt and if it doesn't work, just bring it back."
HER: "I guess I better get the target. If not, he's going to be shooting the cat."

Might want to start putting money away for therapy now.


Anonymous said...

The mother needs therapy for buying the gun, realizing the kid will shoot at animals.

Perhaps Dr. Phil has an opening next Tuesday and can fit the whole family in!

Anonymous said...

Our neighbor boys got bebe guns for Christmas from their father. I caught them shooting them at all the cars and at my nephews hitting one in the leg. At the time, the father was standing out on the porch. THANKS! They were from walmart so no real damage done other than to their brains.

Anonymous said...

Well, hopefully the kid doesn't bedwet and start fires as well.

The mom deserves to be shot with the thing if she lets him shoot the cat.

LooseCannon said...

Let little johnny play DOOM and Grand Theft auto since they don't want to deal with being, you know, a PARENT. Then when he's old enough buy him an air gun. Maybe when he turns 16 she'll get him a nice 9mm so he can jack himself a car! Johnny loves his mommy!

Ryan said...

Anyone that doesn't respect what a gun will do, should never have one in their hands.

If the kid thinks it's fun to shoot cats, he should take a few shots to the ass first just so he can see how much the cat is going to enjoy it.

We wonder why some kids are so messed up... I wonder if it has something to do with how we are raising them?

grundes said...

I'm sure he is going to shoot the cat regardless of whether she buys him a target or not.

Anonymous said...

So nice to see a good parent in action *rolls eyes*

Library Rat said...

Wow, at 10 I already had my own .22LR.

Anonymous said...

ya know, it's entirely possible she was JOKING. It's not that uncommon for a 10 year old to have a pellet gun. I had one, and many of my friends had them too. Making a joke like that isn't indicative of bad parenting at all.

Songbird said...

Actually, that last Anonymous could have a that I re-read it with my typical brand of facetiousness, I can almost hear myself making that crack. I've got a slightly warped sense of humour and frequently greet my own 8yo with "Hi, Ugly!" (note: he's adorable and totally knows it).

On the other hand, I've been reading this blog long enough to have a feel for the type of folk that frequent BTC's Walmart, so I'm still betting on serious. If so, shame on her. If that's a legitimate concern in her mind, that kid's not ready for an airgun.

Anonymous said...

Don't need to lock the guns and all that. Just let your kids KNOW that if they touch the gun, you will beat them with the belt; worked for me.