Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Crowded house

When big groups of people roll up to my counter, its like a romper room. They all want to hang out, play with whatever is in the return carts, wave at themselves on the closed-circuit TV and generally just get in the way while one person transacts business.

It's even worse when someone needs to do a MoneyGram, because there's the whole paperwork thing that needs to be filled out.

So Sunday night and after six hours of nonstop action, I hit my first semi-lull. It doesn't last.

Two female hood rats roll up and ask "Where the MoneyGrams at?" I tell them and tell them when they're done to just call for me as I try to clear away some of the junk that accumulated behind the counter because I haven't had time to sort or bin any of the returns.

Hood Rat #1 gets a MoneyGram form and then comes back and plants herself right in front of my register and starts filling it out. Obviously, manners aren't a strong point, but it's not like the place is thronged with customers.

She's having problems though, and keeps scribbling on the form. She won't ask for help though. Finally, Hood Rat #2 gets about three forms and the two of them huddle to fill them out.

About the time, a woman with a baby seat and a Wal-Mart bag in the cart comes into Customer Service with that quizzical "Can someone help me?" look. The Hood Rats still haven't mastered the MoneyGram form, so I ask them "Can you please scoot down just a little bit?" I just want her to move down a little so I can help the woman with the baby.

Hood Rat #1 looks up, looks over at the woman with the baby and goes "She with us. Why you gotta hate on me?"

Whoa! Dial it back. Dial it back.

Thank Shiva no one else walked up until I got her cell phone payment sent off, or I seriously think she might have not let me wait on them until she puzzled out the paperwork and then had me do the transaction. Seriously. This girl had major bad attitude.

Like I said. Romper room.


Red Stapler said...

"why you gotta hate on me?"

Is that English? Good lord.

Anonymous said...

red, we're cut from the same cloth.

The "art" of speaking proper English is going down the toilet, fast and furious!

Chunes said...

I believe you mean "quickly" and "furiously!" ;)

I had one of the worst customers ever today. He tried to cash a social security check for over $1,100.00 and when we didn't let him, he had an enormous temper tantrum. I was afraid we would be forced to call dispatch, but fortunately, he left before that was necessary.

He called me every name in the book, including an "a-hole." Not an ***hole, mind you, but an "a-hole." I almost laughed. He said something like "If you are going to be a bunch of a-holes about it I'm just going to take my business over to Winco!" At that point I praised the Lord, hoping never to see him again and praying for the poor employees at Winco.

At some point he said something like "Whenever I want to be abused, I come to Wal-Mart. It happens all the time."

"So we have something in common, then.", I thought to myself.

Anonymous said...

Chunes..."why you gotta hate on me?"

The "art" of speaking proper English is rapidly going down the toilet.

I believe YOU mean "So I thought to myself, we have something in common." ;)

Carmen said...

Since we're on the subject of proper English, I'd like to share my favorite line ever spoken in a retail store. (and I swear to God this was really said!)
"Y'all hir'in up in this bitch?"

yellowdog granny said...

I could never do your job..I would be hauled in for assaulting customers before I clocked out for lunch

Anonymous said...

carmen: Please tell me they hired the guy, if only for the sheer amusement value.