Sunday, December 17, 2006

Where are the scooters?

Finding someone to help you is always a dicey proposition, but especially so on a Sunday. But if you're too picky about that help, well then, maybe you don't deserve the merchandise . . .

This gentleman (and I use the word loosely) walks up Sunday morning and wants to know "Do you have any of those electric scooters?" (Sure, we keep them in right behind the counter!)

My co-worker asks him "Have you looked in the Toy Department sir?"

"We looked. There wasn't anyone there to help us."

Me: "Sir, is there space on the shelf for them, or a display?"
Him: "I don't know, I didn't see any."
Me: "Can you describe this item a little more clearly sir?"
Him"Doesn't anyone want to help me?"

We still don't know why he would think we "didn't want to help him." We didn't know if he was talking about an electric go-kart or a Razor Scooter or what.

Me: "Sir, do you want to come over to Toys with me?"

When we get over there, I find the Department manager for Toys, the Department manager for Automotive, who's helping her AND the two Toys stockers all putting stuff on the shelves. And he "couldn't find anyone?" I asked the Dept. Manager where the electric scooters were and she said "Oh, we have one left, it's right over there."

And the man goes over and looks at it. And he starts talking around the Department manager and asking me questions about it. I don't know anything about this merchandise, so I ask the Department manager. She tells him, but he keeps looking at me. It's like some sort of "Twilight Zone" translation effect when it dawns on me "this dude doesn't want to talk to a minority!"

That's why he said there wasn't anyone to help him. The two supervisors working in the section are both Hispanic, including the Department manager of Toys, and the two girls stocking the shelves are both Haitian -- par for the course in South Florida. So there were four people working there, and he went to Customer Service to ask for help. And now that he's got help, he won't look her right in the face.

I wanted to take the scooter and slam it into a pole and then tell him it was damaged.


Kyla.S said...

or shove it right up his ass!

Anonymous said...

Stress: When the mind overrides the body's innate desire to kick the living shit out of somebody who truly deserves it.

You have lots of stress.

FARfetched said...

Slam it into a pole? Why not wrap it around his punkin head?

Anonymous said...

It could also have been that he tried to ask them for help before and they ignored him...

Carmen said...

We also have that problem but sometimes with gender! A customer will not talk to or believe anything our 2 female managers have to say over the men. They will still want a man to tell them the same thing after the female tells them. (no one will especially listen to one in particular who is only 5 feet tall.)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but this entry cracked me up! People are so ignorant it's a hoot! Ya gotta love the look on the faces of white racists that buddy up to me (I look 100% anglo) after they yap on and on about "minorities" ruining the country and I tell them my great grandmothers on my mother's side where of African and American Indian decent....Priceless!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I feel bad for the guy. The ignorant uneducated people they hire to work at walmart cannot help anyone asking questions, if in fact they can actually speak english.

The whole idea of 'customer service' at walmart is a joke. You either find your trash to buy, or get out. that is thier policy.

I hate yuppies said...

Feel bad for the guy my ass. And the only ignorance and lack of education at Walmart comes from dumbasses like you that shop there (well, maybe not the only. Just 99%). I've worked in retail (K-Mart, about 10 years ago), and I can tell you for sure that there's never any shortage of people perfectly capable of answering questions - you just have to ask and not wander around the aisles like an idiot praying for a miracle. Your ridiculous sense of entitlement doesn't help either. You act like Walmart owes you something.

Rob the Webkahunah said...

When I was working in an auto parts store, it would always amaze me that people would walk right past a woman with more experience around engines than Mario Andretti to talk to a young man whose idea of auto maintenence was to wash it once a month.

Brian said...

There was a Indian guy giving one of the girls grief & major attitude on the phone and she gave me the phone before she 'lost it'. He had been yelling and making demands.
When I took over he was immediatly polite and courteous. It was a Twilight Zone moment.
When I was done I told her what just happened because I'd had this happen before. Talking to a woman was beneath him and an insult. He felt respected talking to a man. What a sad excuse human


Dylan said...

My 40 yr. old brother-in-law quit a wonderful job simply because his new boss was a "girl" just out of business school. As it turned out, she was in her 30's, very kind and open, and everyone got along with her. But my sister explained to me that he just could not deal with a female boss. It may be 2006 for us, but it is 1956 for him.
The killer part of this story is that this woman went out of her way to try and get him to adjust and not quit. He quit with no job prospects, which angered my sister and confused some of his co-workers who thought he was just a complete jerk.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Personally, I feel bad for the guy. The ignorant uneducated people they hire to work at walmart cannot help anyone asking questions, if in fact they can actually speak english.

The whole idea of 'customer service' at walmart is a joke. You either find your trash to buy, or get out. that is thier policy."

OH YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!! I LOVE how a-holes like you assume that because I work at Walmart, I am an uneducated moron... instead of a working mother with a college degree who is just there until her kid is old enough for school...because I don't want my kid in daycare. But no, you ASSume that because I work at Wal-Mart that I must be stupid and unable to get a "real" job. I am actually an intelligent, articulate and friendly person. But you wouldn't know that would you, because you automatically judge people, don't you? It's asses like YOU that make our jobs miserable because you treat us like second-class citizens and like we are not worthy of your respect. Do me a friggin favor and take your business somewhere else.