Monday, September 11, 2006

Living life out LOUD!

My day started with a yelling match and ended with a yelling match. I should have known it was going to be a bad one.

The first one was this complete disgusting pig of a human being who was screaming at the girl next to me because she didn't understand what he was talking about. To be perfectly honest, I didn't either.

He had a gift card and a DVD. He kept waving the gift card around and saying "I want to make sure this is on there." Which could have meant anything. Now the girl didn't speak the Queen's English, but she's been a cashier for two years, and at the Service Desk for four months now. She's no idiot.

She thought that he wanted to buy the DVD and the gift card and get a gift receipt for the DVD. OK. That is something the girls at the register might not know how to do. She does that and gives him the DVD, the gift receipt and the gift card.

He goes ballistic and starts screaming "I told you FIVE (expletive) times what I wanted. How do you not (expletive) know what to do?"

I was standing there the whole time and I still didn't know what he wanted. Much less the poor girl he's yelling at.

So he decides to yell at me now. He screams at me "I want a manager. I want the one that looks like Harrison Ford (yes, one does bear a passing resemblance). I want him here right (expletive) now."

I walk out to get the Customer Service Manager on duty. She calls on her radio and then goes over to Register 15 to deal with something.

The pig man WALKS OUT OF CUSTOMER SERVICE and confronts me halfway back to the Service Desk. "I didn't hear you call for a manager."

"Sir, I talked to the customer service manager on duty. Her name is XXX. She will be her in one moment."

"I don't want to talk to her. I want that other manager."

"Sir, you can talk to xxxxx. She's coming right now."

Then he just goes ballistic because he thinks that I didn't call a manager just to spite him.

"Are you going to call a manager or not?" I look him right in the eye and go "No, sir. She is the person on duty. You can speak to her."

"I want your name. They're going to hear about you." I hold out my name badge. Whatever - you tool.

He screams at the girl some more. He screams at the supervisor. He yells at the manager and says "I just wasted my entire morning in here." (really dude, it isn't even 9:30 a.m. - and you're NOT dressed for church)

I let them slug it out and work on the register further down. When he finally leaves, the woman I'm helping goes "That was a really nasty man."

Even now, I STILL don't know what he was screaming about. Maybe he just needed a good yell. But why pick on someone who can't yell back?

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Rodger said...

"Even now, I STILL don't know what he was screaming about. Maybe he just needed a good yell. But why pick on someone who can't yell back?"

I think you hit hte nail on the head with that last line. I think the main reason people yell at people working in retail is because they can't yell back, so it's like getting into a fist fight with a person with no limbs.