Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sunday brings out the worst in people

This is what I fundamentally DO NOT UNDERSTAND about the Wal-Mart customer, especially the people who come to the one I work at.

Sundays are BUSY. Everybody, they mama, they baby-mama, they sister, they auntie and they cousins roll up to the Wal-Mart on Sundays. SO WHY DO YOU COME IN THERE ON SUNDAY NIGHTS TO SHOP TO? You know its gonna be busy. Come in the morning. Come at 3 a.m. Just don't come the time you usually come.

If it was busy the last five Sundays, what makes you think THIS particular Sunday is going to be any different? Jesus.

At least five people came up and said "I want to complain about the lines at the registers." Well hell, if it would help, I'd give you a cashier bag and throw you on Register 18. Would you do that job for $7 an hour? No? I didn't think so. Then why do you think anyone else wants to? A SuperCenter is supposed to have 125 cashiers. We have about 70.

Don't complain about the service. We know it's bad. It is not within our power to fix it. If you continue to shop here, you only help the evil, soulless corporation you profess to hate. Quit shopping at Wal-Mart and support your local mom-and-pop if you REALLY care about service.

One man came up, said that he had terrible service, and when he found someone to help him, they didn't speak English. These were his exact words "I came in here to buy something, to spend money. I had a terrible experience. Now I'm going to K-Mart." Go. I really don't care. Wal-Mart is going to put them out of business in ten years anyway!

One woman said "The last five times I've been here, I waited an hour to check out." But you keep coming BACK? Jesus. If it really was that bad, why do you torture yourself?

If you want nice service but high, high prices, go to Publix.
If you want bad service but low, low prices, come to Wal-mart.

That's my rant. Thank you all for allowing me to vent. I so needed that.


mr. helpful said...

Your observation about the way people behave on Sundays applies across the board, not just to retail. Ive been in restaurants all my life and, of all the days in the week, I hated Sundays the most. I think it's the combination of church people and everyone else who doesnt go out very often (and therefore doesnt have a clue how to function in the real world) which creates this kind of chaos.

Anonymous said...

Are you around the WM where the loss prevention guy chased that crook across US1? I can post a link if you want...quite a good fact here is the link,2545,TCP_16736_4774642,00.html