Friday, June 16, 2006

Loud does not equal correct

I really HATE people that try to bully you once you've told them that they can't get their way. Case in point.

One of the people I was working with Sunday night told this guy that he couldn't swap and open PS2 game for a different one. If it was malfunctioning, he could get the SAME GAME. He couldn't get a new one.

Big Dummy didn't like this AT ALL. He goes on the attack. "Well, I don't want the same thing." Well, you ought to rent games, not buy them then!

My guy stands his ground. Big Dummy doesn't give up. "Well, I've exchanged games here before." Maybe so. But not today.

My guy stands his ground. Big Dummy doesn't give up. "Well, I want a new game. I already had this one. I got it home and realized I had it." They why is the plastic wrap off? And you already lost your receipt?

My guy stands his ground. Big Dummy doesn't give up. "Well, I want to talk to your manager then." Fine.

And praise Buddah, we get a manager that doesn't cave. He REFUSES to let this fool get another different game. He basically tells him "You opened it. You own it. Now please leave!"

Inwardly, I was doing a cheer and cartwheels!


Michelle said...

I think this is the first time I've read about a manager who stood his/her ground! Yay!

Jenna said...

Oh man our managers at our Wal-mart in Canada are the biggest hard asses ever! They could possiblely be more rude to customers than us, and thats rude!!

Drew said...

This is a policy Wal-Mart should institute: When someone at customer service is being a butthead, turn on a microphone that broadcasts their tirade over the store's paging system for all to hear. Then take a vote, measured by loudness of applause from all the other customers and employees, whether to physically throw the fool out of the store.

Lindsay said...

ROCK ON! Dont yah just LOVE it when the goobers ask for a manager and the manager says the same thing.. makes yah feel on top of the world.. or atleast hig enough to SPIT on the ding bat that is causing the problem!