Tuesday, June 20, 2006

One fool on two days

I worked 9-7 on Saturday and 2-11:30 on Sunday. It was hell. I was stuck at the Service Desk by myself from 7-11 p.m. all Sunday night. I'm trying to organize my thoughts as to just what the most horrific parts of the weekend were, but this was one of the worst.

Saturday afternoon. It was raining, then it quit, so of course people POURED in. In the middle of all this, a guy came up with a battery that he wanted to return. OK. He bought it yesterday, it wasn't the right battery, and he had the receipt. That wasn't the problem.

I did his return and gave him something like 30 dollars back. The battery was $29 something and the state's battery fee was $1.50. He blew up. When he took his car in to the Tire & Lube Express, he didn't let them keep his old battery. So, when that happens, the customer is charged a $7.00 "core fee" because the store does not get to properly dispose of the old battery. It was all on his receipt and I'm sure it was explained to him at the time he bought the new battery.

Sweet Jesus. This guy starts screaming at me that I cheated him out of his seven dollars. I'm tried to explain to him that the seven dollars was for the old battery, not the new one. And if he would bring the old battery in, THEN he would get the seven dollars.

He goes off again. "I want that (expletive) money now." And then he drops the big bomb. "You better call the (expletive) cops, because this (racial slur AND expletive) is about to get crazy up in here."

I don't back down a bit. I don't THINK he has a gun. I think he's just trying to feel big and bully me. I'm like "you're not getting the $7 till you bring an old battery in." "Well I want it now," he goes. "How bout I bring it in later?"

Bring it in later, you can have the money later. "Well, I'm going to go talk to the other people." Fine. I have someone void the transaction and he leaves. And apparently he kicked up a ruckus back in TLE too, but didn't get any satisfaction.

AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF, he came in Sunday night. With the same battery. Only this time, he wanted to "exchange" batteries. OK. The new battery he wanted was $44. I did the exchange and told him he owed me $15.

He looked at me like I was a fool; I knew what was coming. "Why do I owe you money?"

Then, I got nasty. I was sick of this fool. If he was smart enough to be trying to run a game, he should have been smart enough not to come through my line TWICE with his crap.

I'm like "Look. You bought one battery for $29. You are returning it and getting one for $44. Forty-four minus 29 equals 15. You owe $15. Do you have any more questions?"

The fat white woman behind him in line starts giggling and tries to hide it.

And then he goes "So if I bring the old battery in, will it help?" Yes, you fool, that's what everyone has been telling you for two frelling days!

So he finally brings an old battery in, gets an additional $7 back, and then throws a $10 over in my direction. I was never so glad to see someone leave.


Michelle said...

So did he think you'd forget the conversation from the day before?!

Hope you had a nice stiff drink after all of that - you deserve it.

FARfetched said...

He was probably hoping to get someone else at the counter, Michelle.

Good for you BBC for standing up. At least you didn't have some st00pid manager undercutting you for a change.

Kerry said...

Ooo..was that a Farscape cursing reference?!

I'm new to the site, it's awesome! Just wading my way back through this pool of idiots you've encountered. And I must say, you rock for turning all this ugliness into comedy.