Monday, June 12, 2006

If you're stupid, is it really my problem?

The management at our store will tell a customer anything to make them happy. They don't really think about how those of us who have to DO whatever they're promising when they're making these wild promises. Think politicians on the campaign trail. Case in point:

This man came in two days ago. He owed $700 freaking dollars on his electric bill or his power was going to be cut off. He wanted to send a MoneyGram payment. The local power company doesn't accept MoneyGram Express payments.

Somehow or the other, this $700 got sent to Florida Telephone Services, (I still don't understand how) instead of Florida Power & Light. So now this fool is about to have his power shut off. He called MoneyGram, and they told him that he had to wait until Tuesday to get the money back, because it had to be refunded from the company HE SENT IT TO.

He got all mad and called the store. The low-wattage manager told him "they'll call and get your money." So now he's yelling at me that he wants this $700. I call MoneyGram. They tell me that they've ALREADY talked to him once today. And that he has to wait until Tuesday for the whole thing to get untangled, because the money is aready in that other company's possession.

And they tell me "Do not give him any money, because there's no guarantee he's going to get the $700 back."

I let him talk to them. I can tell he's not pleased as I realize that they tell him the same things they told me, namely: "You need to let this go. You were stupid. You need to have some patience. But chillax and shut the frell up!"

So Dumbo goes postal at the MoneyGram guy. He starts screaming into the phone about suing MoneyGram if his power is turned off. About how he better get that *expletive* $700 back or else. All sorts of nastiness. And he shoves the phone at me and says "You tell them to give me the money."

MoneyGram guy tells me "Don't give him the money. He's just going to have to wait for it to be done the right way. We don't have the money. Neither does your store. The company he sent it to does, and until they send it back, we can't give it to him."

So I call a manager. I get the one who caused the problem AND one that's even more useless. I explain why they shouldn't make blanket promises and report the conversating with MoneyGram. They don't believe me and call for themselves. And get told the same thing. Stupid *******!

So now the guy is REALLY about to blow. The managers walk off to "review the policy." He starts hollering about how he wants his money RIGHT NOW! One gives him a nasty look and says "Sir, we are trying, but you need to have a little patience."

The two dimmer bulbs track down a co-manager and they all vanish inside the Cash Office for half an hour. And then I see them bring out $700 and GIVE to this fool, who was stupid enough to send $700 off to an unknown destination AFTER being three months OVERDUE on his power bill. I'd have let him sit there in the dark!


Anonymous said...

Holy crap,
I work in retail, not at customer service but I often hear what goes on, people like this need a kick up the freakin arse. Luckily my managers are not so convinced by people, they won't just throw money around.

Anyway, love you blog, its one of the very few I actually read

FARfetched said...

Whoa. Are all Wal-Marts run like that, or do you have (as you implied) some of the dimmer management bulbs in the corporate tree?

I just can't imagine it's company policy, even for a company as dysfunctional as Wal-Mart, to bust someone for shoplifting a $15 CD but give $700 cash to anyone who throws a tantrum at the service desk. I just hope your dimbulb managers called the MoneyGram folks and had them send the refund to the store.

L said...

Love this blog - try to catch up on it at least twice a week.
I live in the land where Wal-Mart is god. I'm in central Arkansas - I swear folks around here think the world might fall off it's axis if Wal-Mart wasn't around. This story is amazing! How does this company expect to post profits & stay in biz when it does stuff as stupid as this. I worked for a large corporate bank for years and dealt w/similar issues w/customers wanting money and NEVER in a bazillion light years would this jerk have gotten any help. Post on! Each one just gets better!