Sunday, June 11, 2006

Return of the white trash

I only worked eight hours today, but I saw more of the unwashed trash of humanity than I ever really cared to see.

Remember these people? Yeah. Mr. White Trash came back in today, with a NEW load of stuff. This looked like it had been grazed from the shelves of a Wal-Mart. Sheets, DVDs, expensive cosmetics. And a $65 box set of "The Sopranos." Funny how not one individual item in that bag he had was under $10. And the bag was chock full of "gifts" people had bought him.

So I tell him he can get store credit, but I need a drivers license. "Well, I don't have mine," he says. "But I called the store and they said that as long as I know the number, it will be OK."

Uh-huh. That's a load of horse feathers. One woman who answers the phone is Cuban and doesn't give out information. She just transfers people to places at random. The other one knows what to tell you. And she ain't gonna tell you that.

So I start scanning the stuff to see how much he's trying to take us for. When I hit the "Sopranos" box set, which rings up at $65, I'm like "This isn't going to happen. You're trying to return more than $150 worth of merchandise. You're going to have to bring in your DL."

He knows he's been busted. I'm like "Let me bag this back up for you." He scrams.

Those crooked fools might have the merchandise, but stolen DVDs won't feed them, or buy crack!


paulo said...

Great blog. I love tales of the idiot customer/scammer.

A friend of mine had a job working the returns counter at K-Mart. She described the same scams you talk about. Once a guy came in wanting to return tires with no receipt. When she refused, he wanted to talk to her manager, and then the store manager. He finally got his money, despite the fact that K-Mart doesn't even sell tires. It's probably the same kind of cover-our-ass policy that lets people get away with obvious scams at your store, like the weed-whacker guy.

Lindsay said...

the things that some people do.. and think they can get away with!

Ben said...

Wow that's pretty messed up....have you ever seen that South Park episode about should do what they did. That was hilarious.

Pick said...

My ex-wife used to work in customer service at the old Hills Department Store chain. The day after Christmas they would set up several tables at the front of the store for returns grouped by department. They were manned by store employees who generally didn't handle returns. One year, they had someone return a boombox still in the box, so the employee gave them cash back. The next week, when they opened the box, it had a concrete block inside. What a deal, a free boombox. And they wonder why Hills is out of business?

Fourthwheel said...

I really like the blog - got turned on to it by Dawn and Drew when she mentioned it in a show.

6 years ago (!) I had some trouble writing checks at stores. After several weeks of run around with the equifax people and all that, they decided that someone bounced two checks at Wal-Mart under my drivers license number. They didn't use my bank account or anything, but my DL had to have been keyed in and when the checks bounced, it made me look bad. Supposedly, I've been all clear from the verification places, but I still haven't tried to write a check in public since and it's been six long years.

Thank God for debit cards or I would have to carry cash everywhere.

Lis said...

Have you considered contacting the police to see if these types of things have been reported as stolen???????????

I love your stories.