Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Saturday's service with a smile

Saturday was just one of those days that wasn't bad, it was just a blur. Here's a partial list of things that got returned.

  • An open jar of peanut butter (she preferred creamy over crunchy)
  • 35 plants (purchased 10 days ago and killed in the interim) This woman must have a black thumb or something.
  • $305 worth of kids clothes purchased by a divorced father for his kids. The ex-wife returned it all. And since papa paid in cash, mama got the cash. I feel real bad for those kids.
  • One box of Clairol "Lustrous Red" hair dye. (this by a 70-year-old woman)
  • A used ladder.
  • Four airbeds of various shapes/sizes by different people. Whenever people have company, they buy a Wal-Mart airbed, use it, then return it.
  • One man TRIED to return a coffee pot he bought in December. He said it broke a month ago. OK, then why was it still wet with coffe grounds in it?
  • Throw pillows because they "didn't go" with the new room.
  • An entire cart of bathroom accessories because "I decided I didn't like that shade of green."
  • A huge box fan this woman had bought to ship to relatives in South America, then realized it wouldn't fit in a suitcase. Heck, it wouldn't fit in a steamer trunk. It cost $14.97. Shipping it would cost more than buying it.
  • Another lovely character came in with two kids and his shirt unbuttoned. Why is it always the ones with a beer gut who don't clothe? He was trying some scam with phone cards. He got rejected.
  • And apparently the store got hit for $600 in fake hundred dollar bills Friday.


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog, and I'm really enjoying it (as I've had my own adventures in retail).

I once had a women return a "Star Wars" chess set (box ripped and held together with a rubberband with only 2/3 of the pieces shoved in it)because "the figures scared her daughter".

but she did have the reciept!

Stacey said...

To be fair, I've returned several air beds to Wal Mart myself. The Coleman brand (the only brand I've ever seen there) either already has a hole in it, or it develops a hole after the 2nd use. I finally coughed up $150 for a good airbed. Great for company.