Thursday, June 08, 2006

Layaway addicts

After all the Customer Service fun Saturday, I got stuck back in Layaway for four hours. One woman put $300 of kitchen & bathroom stuff on layaway - we're talking knives, cutlery, toothbrush holders, pots, pans, the whole lot. She even put a floor mat on layaway.

Yeah. I know her though. She is a serial layaway addict who can't get probably can't get credit. So she puts stuff on layaway, which is like credit, but no fees. I've worked back there enough to recognize the name. Twice in the past few months we have canceled her account because she hasn't come to pick up the stuff.

Huge accounts too. Always clothes or household goods. Then she comes right back and dumps more stuff on laywaway. Never seems to wonder where the old stuff went. She knows the game. I wonder if she'll ever actually pay off a layaway.

Another woman dropped an XBox on Layaway. Then she put the GAMES for it on another one. I wonder what that was about. You can't have one without the other.


FARfetched said...

Your story reminded me of a Garfield comic where he had three mice caught by stepping on their paws. A fourth mouse walked by, and he leaped to grab it, letting the other three go. He then said, "It's not the having, it's the getting."

That probably describes your layaway addict — she doesn't really need the stuff she puts on layaway, and she knows it. She's just using layaway to satisfy her acquisition desires.

Hm. There's a case where Wal-Mart is actually helping someone.

bbcamerican said...

If you only knew how much work she caused in boxing it up, storing it, auditing the layaway bins every week, then taking her account out of the system and restocking all of that stuff. If we charged for all of that, she'd be better off paying for therapy!

Anonymous said...

thank god they are doing away with layaway as it has become "unprofitable"