Friday, April 14, 2006

Making change

One of the functions of the Customer Service Desk is to make change. The cashiers have STRICT instructions not to open their cash drawers just to make change. They're not really supposed to let customers have specific change, such as "Can you give me two fives instead of a ten," but that's more of a gray area.

Last Saturday was change day.

First, this woman walks up, doesn't say a word or even let me greet her. She slaps a wad of crumpled ones and a five down and barks out "I WANT A CLEAN TEN!" Taken aback, I sort of look at her like "Whaaaaat?" She give me one of those "Are you stupid?" looks then goes "It is going in a little boy's Easter card. I want a nice, crisp ten."

Nonplussed, I open the drawer, take out the tens, look for a nice one and ask "Is this one good enough?" She goes "It'll have to do" and walks off.

People also bring up hundreds and want us to change them. I always hold them up and look at them into the light for the watermark, the metal bar and the blue and red threads. Once, I couldn't find the watermark and had to get the special pen to see if if was a good hundred.

Some customers get REALLY hacked off, as if I'm suggesting they're trying to pass off counterfeit money. I'm not. I'm protecting myself. If I make change for a counterfeit hundred, then it is my goose that's cooked, not yours.

And people don't seem to understand that some of the cashiers don't always have huge amounts of cash in the tills for them. Case in point:

Sunday, this agitated woman walks up and demands change for a hundred. She starts ranting that the cashier couldn't change it for her. I check the time. It is 2:15 p.m., just when the second shift starts.

The new shift starts with 11 fives, 27 ones and 18 in change in the till. That's not enough to break a hundred unless you give them every last penny. So the girl was telling the truth when she said she couldn't change it. I tried to explain this to the woman but she only wanted to believe that she'd been slighted.

So I changed the hundred and sent her and her snot-nosed brats on her way. C'est la vie.


Paula said...

sounds like the cream of the crop came out for Easter Sunday shopping!! All of the asses should get broken rotten eggs for that kind of behavour!
Love Your Blog!!

Woody said...

Eons ago I worked as a teller in a bank, that just happened to have Sunday hours (it was in Las Vegas, everything is open 7 days)...anyway, this lady comes in and wants change for a $1,000 bill...yes you read that correctly. Unfortunately the governement doesn't circulate those anymore, but they do keep a list of all serial numbers that are valid...The problem is the Secret Service has the list, and they aren't open on Sundays...she just couldn't understand why we wouldn't make change for her $1,000.