Friday, March 24, 2006

The Pharmacist is OUT

I had this written earlier this week, but for some reason saved it as a draft. Enjoy.

ME: Can I help you sir?
CRANKY: "WHY IS THE PHARMACY CLOSED?" he hollers at me. And this was redneck that looked like he could beat me to within an inch of my life. He was also kinda hot, in that bad-boy way. He had on a wife-beater (of course) and a chain (it was an actual chain) with a tiny silver hammer hanging from it. He was tan and had nice muscles. But I digress. He was angry.

ME: Let me check the time sir. It is just after 6 p.m. "The pharmacy closes at 6 p.m. on Sunday sir."
CRANKY: "We called and they said they would be open. I spent five minutes knocking on the door and no one answered."

ME: "Sir, I don't know why the pharmacy didn't close exactly at six. Maybe the pharmacist was called away. By federal law, a licensed pharmacist is the only one able to dispense medication. Maybe he was sick and they had to close early."
CRANKY: "Just got sick and went home in the middle of the day?"
ME: "It does happen sir." "Or he may have had a family emergency."

CRANKY: "Well, I want my baby's medicine."
ME: "I'm sorry sir. It is AGAINST THE LAW for anyone other than a licensed pharmacist to give out medicine. We CANNOT go in there and give any drugs."
CRANKY: "I want my baby's medicine. She has seizures."
ME: And I repeat it again, because this man is really stupid. And obviously he didn't care to much about "his baby" to drag his ass away from the beer to get into Wal-Mart and get the medication. "Sir, it is AGAINST THE LAW for anyone other than a licensed pharmacist to give out medicine. Not me, not a manager, not the store manager, not ANYONE."
CRANKY: "Well, ya'll are gonna pay if my baby gets sick." And he stomps off.

Whatever. If it was so important, drag yourself in less than three minutes before closing time. Or do business at a place with a 24-hour pharmacy. The Wal-Mart pharmacy hours are HORRENDOUS, and they even close for lunch some days.

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