Sunday, March 05, 2006

Coupons, quarters and cheaters

If you have coupons at a Wal-Mart, don't hand the cashier the coupons first, then expect them to ring up $245 worth of stuff, then remember your coupons. Could you do it? Or worse yet "lay the coupons down and forget them" then blame US for YOUR stupidity.

This woman comes in. She has a receipt with some numbers written on the back. "I was checking out and they forgot to take my coupons." Unfortunately, THIS WAS TEN DAYS AGO. And she does not have the coupons.

Her story is that the cashier took the coupons, didn't ring them up, and didn't give them back to her. And she's claiming $4.75 in "lost" coupons. She says that they told her to just "come up to Customer Service" and we would give her the money. Yeah, right.

Now, if they have the coupon with them, I can do that. But if you don't have the coupon, you're SOL. I had the office check. That cashier turned in two dollars worth of coupons that day, not $6.75, which he would have if he'd had hers, and another two dollars worth. I told her this.

She wanted to know why I couldn't just give her the money. I told her that I had to account for that $4.75 somehow. "I don't understand that," she goes. "Well, I can't just give you $4.75," I said. "They said you could." I never got it out of her exactly WHO said that. She waited for a manager, then left. I think she was trying to pull something, but I'm still not sure she planned it all that well.

I had a man ask me if I had any Wisconsin quarters. Now, I've had people who collect the state quarters before. If it is not slamming busy, I'll open the drawer, take out the quarters and look for them. I tell him I'll look, then he goes - "No, I want a whole roll."

Now see, that's just a bad person there. One, to assume that any business is going to roll the quarters BY STATE, and two to think that I'd look for $10 in Wisconsin quarters and then roll them for him. Once I explained that I'd look for what I had in the drawer, but that was all I was able to do, he didn't take too kindly to me. Whatever.

People think managers stay forever. They don't realize they leave faster than the help does. So this woman comes in with a receipt dated Feb. 18 and claims that the most expensive thing on the receipt she didn't get. And that they double-charged her for the second-most expensive thing on the receipt. And that she claimed she talked to "Assistant Manager Erica."

Well, Erica quit four days before Christmas because they wouldn't give her the day off even when she had walking pneumonia. Busted heifer. There was no way she was talking to you on February 18, last week or last night. Not if you called this Wal-Mart or any other Wal-Mart.

I absolutely HATE people that lie like that. And they made me give her store credit. So she got the stuff she claimed she didn't get, and is going to get more crap to.


Stacey said...

Have you ever seen this site?

FARfetched said...

That's the whole point of the management making you give her the refund: she "is going to get more crap too." It's cheaper for them to get rid of the troublemakers, and they'll come back and spend it anyway.