Monday, February 13, 2006

Starter checks

Do you know what a starter check is?

It is what the bank gives you when you first open your account. There is no name or anything printed on the top left corner and it although it is technically your account, most businesses won't take them. Why?

Well, for one, anyone can open a checking account and get a box of checks. That doesn't really mean that there is any money in there. I can remember back in the mid-90s before electronic check-readers were really good that some places would not take a check if it was numbered less than 1000. So people just started the checks with the number 1000 to get around that.

But this woman came in Sunday and wanted to use a starter check. I told her we didn't take it. One, for our protection, and two, for hers. That is essentially a blank check. Anyone can write their name and address on there and claim that's their account. She snaps back "It's not for my protection - don't lie to me."

Well, I don't really care, but you're still not writing that check here! But if we took a starter check that someone stole from her, you can bet your a** she'd sue and demand that whatever cashier took that check be prosecuted!


twoshades said...

I don't understand why banks even give you starter checks because most places won't take them. But if they do, you have to cut off your right hand and sign your check in blood for them to take it. That's why I love debit cards.

gnar gnar said...

banks can suck my dick. dont give me starter checks and tell me to wait two weeks for my debit card and leave me with nothing but the damn lint in my pocket to live with. Thats real f'ing cute. almost as cute as my boyfriends ass hair. well fuck me running because i went to publix the other day niave to the non starter check taking rule and was embaarrassed when i ahd to leave my cart of groceries and my dignity behind and go home empty handed only to be beaten down by my spouse because i didnt have dinner on the table at 7 sharp. I now have two black eyes and a busted rib because of my bank. Thanks a fucking lot you ass holes.

Anonymous said...

First of all gnar gnar if you are with a man that beats you like that regardless if does or doesnt eat at all you need to leave his ass your better off with out him so dont blame your pitty on anyone else thats just something you dont have to take.. and that has pretty much always been a policy thats why you should always ask if they take starter checks before you go and try and buy something.. I am not trying to put you down in any way! BUT IT NEVER HURTS TO ASK! So thats my advice on starter checks and my advice on the boyfriend is TO GET THE HELL OUT OF THE RELATIONSHIP YOU CANT LOVE SOMEONE THAT BEATS YOU SO APPERANTLY HE DOESNT LOVE YOU TO BEAT ON YOU LIKE THAT ... AND I AM NOT TRYING TO BE MEAN BUT I DONT PITTY YOU BECAUSE IT IS JUST AS MUCH YOUR FAULT AS HIS FOR STAYING IF YOU LEAVE AND ARE AFRAID OF HIM GO TO THE COPS AND HAVE RESTRAINING ORDERS AND WARRENTS FOR HIS ARREST AND TELL THEM YOU FEAR FOR YOUR LIFE AND GET THE HELL AWAY TO SOMEWHERE HE WONT EVER FIND YOU AND LET HIS DUMBASS SUFFER!

Anonymous said...

ok yeah, I give you credit on the her boyfriend is abusive and she shouldn't be in the relationship. But let me explain something to you thet nobody in this country understands. Its not the fact that we can't run around and check on EVERYTHING we do, because the laws/rules change on a daily basis. But seriously, IF nobody wants to accept starter checks anymore then the BANKS should not even give them out as a source of payment until your debit card comes in. A temporary debit card should be given instead with a pin number. jmfo. The rules on what we can use for payments and how we pay them are constantly changing while the banks do nothing and continue to charge us more and more money, as if these extras we use are CONVENIENCES for us, and we pay accordingly, but the truth to the matter is, nobody wants to accept checks anymore, why even give them out?

Anonymous said...

I know I feel the way this country is going to hell in a hand basket the rich and the infamous is behind this crap

Anonymous said...

Simple solution to starter checks......Deposit only the minimum dollar amount necessary to open the new checking account...That way you will have cash to use till your official checks arrive....SIMPLE. ! ! !