Sunday, February 12, 2006

My weekend

This more or less sums up my weekend.

1) Why don't you have any wheelchair carts?
A. Well, we have EIGHT, but some of them are broken because old people take them out in the lot when it says IN-STORE USE ONLY and they get wet when left outside overnight. Also, people who don't really need them use them. I actually say a woman yelling at a manager that "he didn't look like he needed one. Make him get off!"

2) Why are the shelves empty?
A. It is Sunday afternoon. This is the cheapest place to shop in town. Why do you think the shelves are empty?

3) I had at least four people ask for complaint forms and dozens more DEMAND to speak to "your manager." I asked one man "How can I help you?" and he growled "You can get 1-800-WAL-MART on the phone damn quick."
A. Now, if you are going to shop for groceries, or even come into a freaking Wal-Mart on a Saturday or a Sunday, EXPECT TO PAY THE CONSEQUENCES. Everyone else in town is going to be there too! If you want the good service, go to Publix and pay $15 more for the same cart of stuff. I saw a man berating his wife as they stood in line " ... all this so you could save 20 cents ..."

4) Woman returns a dead plant. The date on the receipt is 1/29/06. She killed a hyacinth within two weeks. Sad.

5) Some dude says he wants to return a package of sheets. It doesn't have a barcode. He doesn't have a receipt. Just a tag saying "Queen sheet set." Of course, he's got no receipt. I'm like - "Go get me another set of queen sheets so I can give you the right amount of credit." This mofo brings back a set of KING-SIZE sheets in the expensive 600-thread-count Egyptian cotton. He's like "these are the same price."
A. Uh. No. And you're an idiot for thinking I'm an idiot. At this point, there are at least six people waiting in line, and he's gambling that I'm not going to fight on this. But this dude IS NOT GETTING $65 back on cheap sheets. "Sir, you're going to have to wait while I look this up."
He goes - "but those are the same sheets."
Me: "No sir, they're not, and here's why." "The ones you brought in are queen, and say 300-thread count on the label. These are king sheets, and have a different label. You can get $29.44 plus tax on these sheets. Take it or leave it." He took it.

6) We have the huge bins of DVDs for $5.50. The problem is that people take a New Release movie off the shelf, see something they like in the bin, and then throw the old movie in the bin. People think this new release movie is $5.50. It isn't. It is not a pricing error and it is not Wal-Mart's mistake. It is there because some other dumbass customer is too lazy to even put the movie on a shelf of not even think about what they're doing.
Anyway, this one evil old man had a movie ring up for $9.44. He claims it was $5.50. I actually went to the computer, because it was a fairly new title. The computer tells me that it was reduced from $13.96 and WAS NOT $5.50. I try to explain this to him, and then tell him that this once I'll give him the movie for $5.50. This a**hole won't even let me finish. "It is not my problem. It is your problem. It is Wal-Mart's problem. Give me the f****** movie for $5.50 and let me go." I debate being difficult and realize it is more trouble than my time is worth, especially as some idiot manager will probably give the dumb fool the movie for free if I raise a fuss.

That was my weekend.

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Stewart said...

Is it bad etiquette to commend on old posts?

Anyway, I was looking at a couple blu-ray and hd-dvd universal disks in the 5.50 bin and wondered if that was the situation, just yesterday. In retrospect, probably was.