Friday, February 10, 2006

The crazy bulb lady

I know, I know. I haven't been around to update lately. It has been really hard. I work with a lot of people watching, so it is hard to sneak a few moments to update.

This past weekend I had what I refer to as the crazy bulb lady. She wanted to return sixteen packages of bulbs, the things that flowers come from. Except she had opened some of them.

So she dumped them all out on the counter, and the dirt just flew EVERYWHERE. So I was trying to scratch around in the receipts with these damn things - and she kept moving the packages around trying to "help me." After I'd held up the finger and said "Ma'am, please do not touch the packages any more." I finally realized she had sixteen packages, but had only purchased fourteen.

"Do you want to keep these? You didn't even pay for them anyway." No. Fine then. And I toss them behind the counter. But ... You could see where she realized she'd just given away something for nothing right there, but it was too late. The woman behind her was trying to hide the smirk.

Then there was the size 24 girl who was returning a whole buggy full of six 18 clothes. I know sizes run different, but girl, there was NO WAY you were getting in that stuff, not even inside of a corset! But I had to sit there and total up $230 in clothes.

Wish me luck this weekend!

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