Sunday, January 22, 2006

The claim game

I know. Two weeks. It's been busy. On the plus side, I got promoted at my real job, so I have a Monday-Friday 10-7 schedule, and I'm just doing Friday - Monday nights at the Wal-Mart, so I actually have time for a social life. Said social life kept me up until 3 a.m. last night when I had to drag in to be "behind the counter" at 7 a.m. F*** ME!

This woman comes in around 3 p.m. at the end of a VERY long day for me. 137 customers. By myself from 7 a.m. - 12:45 p.m. She says she's got $75 on this shop card. OK.

These things are tetchy. If you rub them against another credit card, it screws up the magnetic strip. Sometimes, if they get sent through the mail, it screws them up. Anyway, usually, the card is just messed up.

So first I try to do an inquiry and check the balance on the card. Here's the good bit. The register tells me "This card is not active." O-KKKKKKKKKK.

So she launches into some explanation about how she looked up her balance on the Internet and it told her she had $75. OK.

I call the 1-888 number on the back of the card. It ALSO tells me that the card is not active. So now I've got two INSIDE THE STORE sources telling me that this card is not active, has NEVER BEEN ACTIVE and DOES NOT HAVE $75 ON IT.

On the other hand, I've got this woman, starting to raise her voice and tell me that she wants that $75. So at this point I get to do one of my favorite new tactics. I hold up one finger, LOWER my voice and begin to explain the options. None of which are appealing to her.

1. Her husband alleges that the paid for the original shop card with a debit card, but he can't remember when. If we knew when, we could look up that transaction and see if the card she received then matched what she had now.

2. If she had the receipt from the last time she allegedly used the card. She doesn't remember when she used it. She doesn't have the receipt.

3. Any paper trail that she at any time ever used this card.

She got really huffy at this point, and her husband snapped "Do you think that two middle-aged (in your dreams, gramps) white people with a Cadillac in the parking lot would try to rip you off for $75?" Really pops, I don't know and I don't care. Unless you're planning on paying my bills after I get fired for handing over $75, you're not conning me today. I've got to justify every penny I fork over, and bubs, you gots no justification.


solar said...

I really enjoy your blog. I have a friend that worked at a WalMart here in the Tampa area. He worked in recieving for 11 years; he would tell me about a guy that use to return paint. He would use ¾ of a 5 gallon bucket then say it was the wrong color. he did this may times.

I use to work as a bartender for many years and some of the poeple I dealt with probably were heading your way when they were done. I had one regular (cheap skate, non tipper)guy that called me at the bar to say he couldn't make it for happy hour, and wanted me to ring up his drinks before the prices changed and he would be in later. Um? NO!

Kore7 said...

Please keep up this blog...I love it.

Buchanan said...

I have about 80 gift cards sitting in a stack right beside me, but none of them are active. You can take them from the store, the alarms don't go off or anything. I had never thought of doing what this woman tried (maybe because I'm not stupid enough to think that the people at Wal*Mart as that stupid). Yeah.