Monday, February 20, 2006

Garden hosed

Please, for the love of all that is holy, if you're going to return a garden hose, do drain the hose. I had this woman Saturday sling a hose - FULL OF WATER - up on the counter and then look me crazy when I took a second to find paper towels to wipe up the water.

I am not stupid. The numbers on the tags tell me all sorts of information. This man comes in with a pair of shoes and says he wants to return them. He doesn't have a receipt, so I tell him about the store credit and the three returns within a year thing.

Then I scan the shoes. ITEM NOT FOUND. This means the shoes were not bought at our store, or else they are old merchandise, so old that it has been recalled and sent back to the vendor. So I look at the tag. They are Wal-Mart shoes. Wal-Mart shoes from January of 2004. So I tell him we cannot take the shoes back, because we have a 90-day return policy, and these shoes are CLEARLY two years old. He says that he bought the shoes here, and he is going to return them here.

Then, I know he is lying, because our store did not open until OCTOBER '04, and was stocked with brand new stuff. At any rate, without his receipt, I wasn't giving him that money. So you know what some stupid manager did - gave him that money. So that was another $16 that just walked out of the store.

And because those shoes were marked down to $0 and returned to the vendor two years ago, that is profit we lost; it's not like we can resell them.

So that was my Saturday.

And another thing. Fat girls should not wear terrycloth tops. It looks like they're being eaten by a towel monster!


Zinnia said...

Love your blog! Working at Wal-Mart must be an adventure.

An Associate said...

Your posts really crack me up! I worked at the service desk for three months so I really feel your pain. If you're interested here is my blog about working at Wal-Mart:

becca said...

No one should wear terrycloth. Period.