Monday, February 27, 2006

Denied, denied, denied

Saturday are usually never very pleasant, and this one was no exception. There's a huge line of people and two of us are struggling to keep up — and failing, as usual. I get a guy with a bag of rotten apples and oranges.

He wants a new bag - but doesn't have a receipt. So he gets a bag of apples and wants to swap them. I do the return and punch in his Driver's License. DENIED. Because he has a personal check on file.

What this means is that he wrote a bad check to a Wal-Mart store at some point in the past, and the company will not extend the courtesy of a return without a receipt until the check is paid.

I explain this to the "gentleman." Here's the answer. "That's crap. I know that check was taken care of, because I was put on probation for it. I want to talk to a d*** manager."

He argues, and they still won't do the return. People have been fired for approving returns with checks on file - so no one does it anymore - no matter what the amount - no matter what the circumstances.

And the day wore on. Once the lines get long, people start checking out at the Service Desk. One woman brings a greeting card and some pens up and asks to check out. I scan and bag them. She stops me and asks why the total was so much (it was about $6). I scan the tape and tell her that the set of Sharpie pens was $3.18.

"That's too much," she carps. "Take them off." I do. The new total is $3.15. Then, totally oblivous to the fact that she's complaining over three dollars, she tosses down A ONE-HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL!

That's the kind of day I had - from the absurd to the sublime to the completely ridiculous.

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just tip me said...

Hello! I just love to read your blog! I came across it in December while I was looking for walmarts web page. I was lazy and goggled it. I still don't know why, I knew what it was anyhow your blog came up and I was pleasantly suprised that it was very funny. I sat for hours reading it and love to come back and see what you have written. I will be sad when you don't have anything to say. I work with the public too only I am a waiter. I have my ways of getting back to those jerks I come across. Heck yesterday I "accidently" dropped full glasses of sticky lemonade on the table and all over her. It felt great. She got wet I got even and kept my job. Take care can't wait to read more.