Friday, July 29, 2005

No, you're not returning that

Tuesday, this woman came in to Customer Service with an air pump and a mini-TV. We sold the mini-TVs during the run-up to Hurricane Dennis. It includes a CD player and 5-inch TV screen and is battery powered. It also does not work, because we've returned about 20 of them in the past two weeks.

Anyway. She has a receipt for the air pump. But not for the TV. I tell her she can get cash back on the air pump and store credit for the TV. Oh, she's not having that.

"I bought this yesterday." No you didn't, you stupid cow.

I give her "the look," the one that says "I know you're lying, so just try me." She tries me to the limits of my patience.

She does a poor job of trying to lie to me and convince me that the TV is on the receipt. It is not. There is an airbed on there, where she bought the air pump and bed, used the pump and is returning it the next day. That happens a lot. So I know she's somewhat dishonest right off the bat, but I don't dare say it.

But no TV. I know she didn't buy it yesterday, because all the "hurricane supply" merchandise was taken off sales floor when the hurricane threat was over. Those things haven't been available for sale for two weeks.

She also tried to tear the receipt so that I couldn't make out the airbed. She claimed "her cat got it." Yeah, you have an air mattress AND a cat with sharp claws. That's smart.

I won't let her have cash back. She finally leaves to think over her options. And them comes back with a whole pile of clothes and exchanges the defective TV for crop tops and sandals. (And this cow is seriously overweight. There's a REASON she bought a queen-size airbed!)

And I won't let her have a receipt for the clothes. No receipt on the exchange, no receipt for what you get. She flounces off. Silly moo!

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FARfetched said...

Wow dude, you are seriously old-skool. Most store clerks, or whatever the job title is these days, wouldn't care in the least about things like that.

About 25 years ago, when I was a teenager instead of parenting them, the floor people would hassle us kids when we played with the demo stereo systems. I used that to advantage once: my mom was having a hard time getting help (in electronics no less), so I walked over to the stereos and started changing the station. In five seconds, I had one of these supercilious putzes going "Can I help you?" I said, "Yeah," and waved for my mom to come down. The look on his face said he knew he'd been Had, big-time.