Sunday, July 31, 2005

Appetite for destruction

Sundays are always bad. This Sunday was horrendous.

I get in at 9 a.m. The other girl has been there since 7 a.m. We quickly realize that help isn't coming until 4 p.m. What this means is that we're going to have to cover each other's lunch hours solo - ON A FREAKING SUNDAY!

Now, the courtesy desk has four registers. Two is the minimum needed to keep the line moving, in case someone gets a difficult customer or a pile o'returns. Three is better. Four, (which almost never happens) is fantastic and we all jump for joy!

Sundays are brutal. We both just dig in. By 1:30 p.m., when the other girl has to go to lunch, the line is backed up to register 14 and is at least eight or nine people deep. People are returning EVERYTHING today. Clothes, food, water dispensers, bikes, toys, shoes, trees, everything ...

She goes. I just keep working. And working. And working. And so it keeps going on.

The worst thing happened early Sunday morning. Some idiot tried to return a CD that he had taken the shrink wrap off of. But he took the other label, the title/label sticky thing off in one piece and tried to put it back on. No go. I was on to him.

I refused to return it. He cursed at me and threw the CD on the counter. I called management. He tried to walk away. I called him on his bad attitude. He tried to claim "I bought it like that." NO YOU DIDN'T. I did another return for him and he signed the receipt "FOK YOU." Some people ... should be shot.

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The Schooligan said...

Stumbled upon your blog and I LOVE IT! Just wanted to let you know that PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS and that I think, "Who returns lemon juice?" is one of the funniest things I have ever read. You are hillarious. Thank you.