Thursday, June 16, 2005

Running in circles

I was so tired Tuesday morning that I put my shirt on inside out and went to work that way. It was that way for three hours before anyone noticed.

I worked Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday (all by myself for 7 hours w/no break or lunch) and Wednesday (again, all by myself). Here are the highlights.

  • Lady storms up to the service desk. Claims the bakery didn't have her cake ready on time. Let's loose a stream of profanity that would make sailors blush. Why you schedule a pickup a half-hour before the party is beyond me, but anyway, there's a FLY buzzing around under the plastic top on the cake. I tell her to pick out another cake and she'll get it for free. And trust the service desk wench to try to charge her for the second cake ...

  • The associated in Fabric & Craft tells a customer "How much fabric do you have, because she's going home and I'm going to lunch." While the woman is browsing for fabric, they leave. There was a sign propped up on the fabric table "BE BACK BY 8:15" More profanity. I end up cutting ribbons, cloth and patterns for half an hour.

  • "The top to this patio table doesn't fit. Can we get a new one." Said patio set in question costs $348.

  • One man brings two display models of coffee pots up to the service desk and wants to know how much they cost, and then if we can "knock off a few dollars" because they're they display models.

  • Woman walks in off the street, says she has an interview. She doesn't. Then demands I call the other Wal-marts in town to see if her interview is there. "I'm not feeling well in this heat." We get that all the time. They think an "interview" is a magic word for job. Umm, no.

  • Man tried to leave with a HUGE buggy full of stuff. Everything was in threes. Three lamps, three shades, three things of fish tank cleaner, three chlorine drops, nine apples, nine oranges, three sets of felt pads for chairs. It was the strangest thing. One pair of handcuffs though.

  • Light bulb blew out on register 15. Took and act of God and Congress to get a maintenance man with a ladder to change it.

  • And finally, baby puke was the word d'jour this week. I don't know what it was, but there were puking babies all OVER THE F****** PLACE. Pharmacy. Self-check. Grocery. Register 18. Jewelry. Baby puke is so nasty.
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