Sunday, June 12, 2005

Wal-Mart - we rent bras

I hate when people yell at me. That just automatically makes me want to deny you whatever you came in for.

Today, a woman came in with four bras. All used. One had stains on it. "That was there when I bought it!" was her claim. All of them had dryer lint and fuzz all over them. Until today, we did not take back lingerie, swimsuits, opened packages of anything that is worn next to the body, etc.

She did not even have a receipt. This woman (a 46DD) needed $45 cash for something (crack probably, or else a Blue Bunny ice cream infusion) and thought Wal-Mart would roll over and toss up two twenties and a fiver. OH HELL NO!

I wouldn't authorize the return. She argued. "Ma'am, there are no tags on this merchandise. These items have obviously been worn. If you just tried them on, why did you take the tags off?"

She argues. "It was a flimsy tag." "I threw the tags out." "I can't find the receipt." (to the snot-nosed brat beside her) "Go get the receipt out of the glove box - this is why I keep all my receipts."

Ummm. OK, if you were returning these bras, WHY DIDN'T YOU BRING THE F****** RECEIPT IN WITH YOU? I just know the B**** has a BUSH-CHENEY '04 bumper sticker on her truck.

She finally got mad and left. She hunted down a manager, who let her have store credit. She lied and said I was rude to her. He blew her off. She came back to the service desk while I was getting a change order and made a production about how flimsy the tags were on the bras, and again how I was rude to her. She got store credit.

And now we're giving people money back for already-been-used swimsuits, lingerie, socks, undergarments and anything else they care to wear and return. Don't go nothing to wear? Go to your friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart. IT IS A F****** RENTAL SERVICE FOR CLOTHES!

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