Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Bullets over Broadway

Yes, we're now taking back bullets.

If you've ever purchased bullets or ammunition (why God why) at a Wal-Mart, it says RIGHT ON THE BOTTOM OF THE RECEIPT when purchasing ammunition that:



Not today.

This woman came in. Claimed to have bought "the wrong kind of bullets." Would that be the kind that don't kill and maim people?

She wanted to exchange $15 bullets for $4 bullets. I saw this scam right off. I made her exchange them and gave the balance back on a shopping card. I had a manager tell me right to my face. "Oh, just let her do it."

We don't care about anything at our store. We've had Gloria Vanderbilt jeans returned at the Service Desk and show up at the fitting room. Wal-Mart DOES NOT CARRY GLORA VANDERBILT CLOTHES.

Need money, bring it back to Wal-Mart and argue a lot.

I forgot about Sunday. These people were letting the kid push the cart and he dropped a $25 cake. Now, there's nothing wrong with the cake except the parents weren't watching the kid. And the kid is stupid and should be slapped. And the woman goes. "I want a new cake. Right now. And we'd like someone to clean up this mess."

I'd like a million dollars and a shotgun, but that isn't likely to happen.

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