Monday, May 16, 2005

Yet another Sunday in hell

Someone needs to put me in charge of making the Sunday schedule. I know which cashiers are going to show up and which ones are going to call in. At least don't schedule the lazy ones on a Sunday!

We were FIFTEEN people down on a Sunday, between call-offs, no shows and other factors. You can't run a store with that sort of coverage. Add to that the mysterious door-greeter drought of 2005, and it was a wonder anyone bought anything last night!

Some of these stupid cashiers don't want to go to lunch half an hour early. We're too busy to go argue with them, so we just send their replacement somewhere else. That's our rule. You go early, or you go last. Well, at six hours the register kicks you off because the lunch break is MANDATORY! One dumb heifer didn't want to go - "I want my lunch at exactly 6, not at 5:30" - so we told her to shut up and keep working; she could go last, period.

Well, she got hungry and started crying for a lunch. Tough. Keep working. You'll learn you've got to pay the price for calling the tune!

And I had to go on Register 15 for an hour to cover a lunch. That is the super-speedy register. I did 70 customers in about an hour, and had almost $1,700 cash in my drawer. No wonder Wal-Mart rakes it in!

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Pious Mother said...

Really enjoy your blog!...what's a super speedy...vs. just a speedy (or express lane)???