Thursday, May 19, 2005

Assumptions and lies

Tuesday was supposed. an easy day at RetailPlanet. I was only scheduled 7-12.

What's that line from "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" - Oh, yeah - "Assumptions, my dear Mitz, are the mother of all F***-ups!"

The 6 a.m. cashiers didn't show up. Only THREE 7 a.m. ones were scheduled and one door greeter. The bad news? There are FOUR dours and one register that MUST be opened. And one of the 7 a.m. people was no longer a cashier. Yeah, fun.

So one cashier went on the register, and the rest to the doors. Oh, and no service desk people showed up.

So by 8 a.m., there's still only one register open. We finally get door greeters. The other supervisor runs the floor while I run the Service Desk for the next four hours until someone shows up.

On a regular day, a Customer Service associate starts with $600. From my experience, that usually lasts the entire day, unless you have big refunds (computers, TVs paid for with cash) or if you're cashing paychecks. Most big purchases go right back onto credit cards or store credit. You just don't give out a lot of cash. Also, you get some cash in for money orders.

Tuesday morning, I blew through $600 in just under three hours. I was the only person working, and at times the line was four people deep. No one complained though, and I was going as fast as I could. It never let up though.

I'll never make assumptions about an easy day again!

Wednesday was my day off! I stayed in bed all day. It was glorious! And now, five straight days of work!

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