Friday, May 20, 2005

One of those days ...

We had a process server roll up into the store today. Something likely involving a custody dispute. I asked for identification, then escorted him back to the associate. I don't think I can interefere with them; that's the law. Don't ever mess with the court.

Some customer claimed he bought an already opened software game, which he can't play because each one has a unique serial number. We have been warned not to refund them by Loss Prevention; exchanges only, and we're out. So I call the other two Wal-Marts in town to see if they have this game. No dice. He bought the last one in the county.
And it takes 20 minutes to get a manager up there to give him his money. That's what LP says - have a manager do the refund so they can face the consequences.

And some lady blew a fuse because we couldn't get someone from Instock to help her carry out this huge flat-pack table on Register 13 within 30 seconds of calling. Um, THEY HAVE THINGS TO DO TO! She just wanted to holler, I think. To be honest, she should consider herself fortunate, because she got a carryout quicker than most people!

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