Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Sunday, bloody Sunday

Sunday was bloody, that was the only word for it. One girl called off, leaving me and one other person trying like hell to hold things together on Mother's Day. It was a losing battle from the get-go, but we struggled mightily.

As always, there was some Layaway drama. This woman came in, with an entourage no less, claiming that when she got her stuff off layaway (a $700 layaway - four TVs and some other stuff) they didn't give her the employee discount. In her words they "disallowed" it. I had the Cash Office pull up the original transaction. It very clearly stated that she got the discount and the name of the assistant manager who did the override. I argued with this woman for 10 minutes, then got a Cash Office associate out. She tried to convince the woman that she got her discount. No dice. I finally got on the phone and called a manager.

The manager came up and the woman pointed at me and said "Let me explain so we don't all get confused." Umm, you witch. Anyway. As it turns out, SHE was not a Wal-Mart associate. Her sister was, and her sister was sliding the discount card for everyone in the family. The manager asked what store the sister worked for. The sister coughed up the name of the store and her manager. My manager said the everyone needed to leave right now, or else he was going to start making calls, because her name wasn't on the layaway account, and that was a violation of store policy.

The entourage still didn't get the message, and kept up the hollering for that $70 they thought they were due. The manager said it again. And then they realized that he was serious. They needed to leave, and leave now. So they scrammed.

After that drama, the rest of the night was sort of calm, comparatively.

  • And Monday, I think we had a demonstrator, one of those little old ladies who comes in to make lasagna and cheese and crakers and whatnot try to steal from us. I had to do a training receipt on THIRTY plastic bowls of pimento cheese spread and a carton of milk. The only think that could have been used for was for a cheese and cracker demonstration. Who tries to steal 30 bowls of pimento cheese spread.

  • And some lady threatened me with some eggs because I told her she couldn't get the organic eggs with a WIC check.

  • And you CANNOT get the individually wrapped cheese with WIC. Don't tell us Publix lets you get it. I know they don't. DO NOT LIE, it just makes you look stupid. But this one woman threw this cheese at the cashier and said "I don't want it then. Fine, b****!

  • And some church group drama. These people from some church came in and wanted to buy 39 little plants in containers for the mothers in their congregation. Of course, all different containers had different bar codes, so I had to get the service desk to help me scan each one. And then the woman made me recount the slip and then recount the plants in the two buggies because she was convinced I had cheated and charged her for an extra plant. Um, no. We were exactly right. Thirty-nine plants on the receipt, 39 plants in the buggy. Woman of God my ass! Penny-pinching shrew is more like it.

    I did laundry all day Tuesday, even though I just wanted to sleep. I had absolutely no more clean clothes. **sigh** I need change in my life.
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    I love your stories...they are great...keep them up.